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  2. Happy Birthday Legion

  3. Hi BaiHu and welcome to the community.
  4. Hi to everyone. I go by BaiHu or Byakko, whichever you would like to call me. I am currently playing FFXIV with some of the members. I am mainly a RPG and fighting game player. I will mostly be using Discord and sometimes TeamSpeak for communications. Its a pleasure meeting you all and I look forward to playing games with you.
  5. Just checking to see how everyone is doing
  6. Happy Birthday Jun <3 hope you have a great day

  7. Welcome to the community Izari.
  8. Welcome Izari!
  9. Hey, I go by Izari or Dazo depending on what character I am playing. I love MMOS but play just about anything. I'm returning to FF XIV after a LONG break, thanks to my buddies aldotsk and onze. I cant wait to catch and have fun with everyone else.
  10. Okay invite sent.
  11. Thank you! And no no one has sent me an invite to the Guild Im currentlly logging on at the moment my Guildwars2 account is Marrik.2618
  12. Hi Marina, welcome to the community, I see Salem invited you to Discord already. Did someone shoot your a GW2 guild invite? If not I can log on and do it whenever you like (Currently patching, I haven't played GW2 in a very long time).
  13. Salutations members of Ordo Im Marina and Ive been gaming for a very long time. Im mostly into Fps and MMORPG games. my current main game to play at the moment is Guild Wars 2. I play along side a group of friends at the current time. Ive been playing GW2 since beta and before that i played the first GW. If allowed to join this community I plan to have fun and aid others in GW2 whether it be grinding or helping in personal missions or guild missions. for Communication I use Discord now a days for the most part. So you can catch me there if you want to talk to me. My reason for wanting to join is quite simple. To join a group of active gamers to play with and have fun. I have read and understood the codex and will follow all rules set forth by it. PS: My good friend Salem Adams Kusanaga pointed me in the direction of this group. Discord:Dominus#4917 GuildWars2:Marrik.2618
  14. Can i dump in here? Lol, just trying to get Jun's attention, @Jundani PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!
  15. @Jundani pay attention to me o/ here here here

  16. @Jundani i need another place to get a hold of you, maybe try the discord?? get in touch with me please :)

  17. “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

  18. My new avatar is a strawberry bonbon robbing a mint chocolate bonbon, lol don't ask...

  19. Something like that, yea :)
  20. Hi Knight, it seems Kita has prodded you into remembering to make this post :P welcome to the community to both of you.
  21. Long time gamer. Been playing ffxiv for a couple of years now. I'm in to doing things. Whether its content or grinding, if you're looking for a companion, give me a holler. I'm Kita's companionl. You'll normally never find us apart. And usually, if you ask one of us to do something, you'll get both of us. If y'all got any questions, feel free to ask. I'm an open book.
  22. Hi Haka, welcome to the community. We usually use Teamspeak for voice chat when people want to hang out or when we are explaining mechanics for first timers, but we also have a Discord for the text chat for when people aren't in game or if someone wants to ask a quest or post a picture or what have you. I can PM you a link to the Discord if someone else hasn't already given it to you, and the teamspeak is just ts.ordoimperialis.com
  23. Hi there, Name is Eric, AKA Haka'nor on FFXIV. You can call me haka or eric. Don't Matter to me. I'm an old WoW Guy, Grabbed FFXIV to Friends. I play alot of things from MMO's, RTS, FPS, all those. Used to Tank in WoW, Tanking here as well. Learning as I Go I've got Discord and Vent somewhere on here. Not much of Social Talker but i can get on and hang out. just be aware Ive got 2 dogs. 2 cats and a wonderful wife. Looking Forward to gaming with you. Read and Acknowledged The Codex
  24. Chuck Berry October 18, 1926 - March 18, 2017
  25. "People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for."
    - To Kill a Mocking Bird
             Harper Lee

  26. Egg Salad Sandwiches With eggs being really cheap right now, there are plenty of recipes and tips out there for using eggs. This is easy and quick enough you should be able to toss it together and be happy with it. Gaming impediment time: 15 minutes. Don't forget to set timers. Ingredients: Eggs Mayo Mustard Paprika Green Onion Salt Pepper Bread Hard Boil Eggs Fill pot with cold water just enough that it would cover one egg. Add a little vinegar and salt to the water. Place the pot on the stove and place eggs in. Set stove on high and cover. Wait for a rolling boil (consistent boiling). Remove from burner and let sit for 12min. Remove eggs from water and let cool and dry. Peel and chop. Mix: Add eggs to mixing bowl or container. Add no more than one tablespoon of Mayo per egg or two. Add Mustard to your liking (no more than a quarter of the Mayo you'd put in, unless you really like mustard). Toss in some paprika, salt and pepper to your liking. (no more than a teaspoon depending on how many eggs you have). Add chopped green onions or greens. (you can use a little onion powder if you don't have anything, same as the above spices). Stir or close and shake. Add to Bread. Win. (primary reference)
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