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  2. GM: "Does a 29 hit your AC?"Me: "*BLEEP* you know my AC has been 18 for the last nine levels."GM: "I know. I just like hearing the defeat in your voice."
  3. Welcome Verbaine! Now I have to wait for you to be online for more Path of Fire... *sigh*. Share your YouTube so we can stalk you.
  4. I know that I'm fairly new, but if anyone has any questions at all about different glasses or contacts I work at an optometrist's office and assist with a lot of things. I am by no means a doctor, but I may very well have answers for general questions about lenses, procedures, contact lens care and the like. Let me know if anyone needs any help with anything!
  5. Hi Verbaine welcome to the community.
  6. Hi there, I'm Verbaine or Xeka. I ran into Xoza on guild wars 2 and was invited to join you. I play a lot of games, and also participate in a youtube channel. If anyone has questions about certain games I very well may have answers or thoughts on different aspects of it. On the opposite end of things, I am typically scouting games for the channel to play as well and may see if anyone else has some insight on them. In general I'm easiest to reach on discord and have a very basic understanding of teamspeak (Sad I know.) I've already joined the discord server with my name so it should be easy to find me. The codex seems simple enough to follow even if some of the more military nuances are a bit lost on me. Anyway, I'll be around let me know if you guys want to chat! =]
  7. Also GW2 and/or TOR are Free to try so could also have gatherings on those games as well. In fact on GW2 it might help to assimilate the new people from Hiro's guild.
  8. IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN. LET THE IDEAS FLOW: -PS2 Re-insurgence -TS Gathering (Expected) -GIVEAWAYS AND WHAT EVER ELSE! -And more, your voice counts, be heard!
  10. i play this too, totally worth it would buy again and i like dying alot too
  11. Alright so I know it's not a new year and all that yet but no time like now to start with a fresh outlook on life. Now is the time to do that. Since Friday I have had a lot of time to sit and think while in the hospital about everything happening with me. Medically, Personally, and most of all with how I interact with people. I may not have been the best person I could have been but from this point on I'm going to be the person I know I'm meant to be. Not sure if that makes sense to people but there is change in the air.


    "Skoros morghot vestri?"  (Meaning: What do we say to death?)   

    "Tubī daor."  (Meaning: Not today.)

    "Ñuhor līr gūrēnna." (Meaning: I will take what is mine.)

  12. I know @Valos and @MadSeasonOfGrief play it. And @Calohar loves games where he can get shot to death PvP games.
  13. I've been interested. Can't afford the $30 right now. A lot of concern about dev favouritizm, flashbanning and admin abuse.
  14. WHAT IS IT? Playerunknown's Battlegrounds might make some of you skeptical but I wouldn't be posting a topic if I wasn't enjoying the game. It's a battle royale-style shooter in the same vein as H1Z1 King of the Hill where the goal is to be the last person standing against up to 99 other players, 49 other duo teams, or 24 other squad teams. You air-drop onto an island that's 8x8km large and, when you land, you scramble to pick up whatever weapons and equipment you're able to come across. You not only have to contend against other players, but you also have to outrun a blue circle, represented by an electric field that gradually closes in to a specific, randomized position on the map, as well as completely random "red zones" that are completely carpet bombed. The game itself costs US$29.99 or your regional equivalent. It has matchmaking set up for two variations of each of the three modes - Solo, which is you up against 99 other players; Duo, which is yourself and a buddy against 49 other duo teams; and Squad, which is you and three other team-mates against 24 other teams. The variations are the First Person Perspective modes which are currently going through beta but are currently active for each of the three game types. The game also features Custom servers, too. There's some character customization, which is where some controversy needs to be addressed - the game does have microtransactions in the form of loot crates that you have to buy keys for (a la Counterstrike: Global Offensive), plus you can buy random crates and clothing items on the Steam Marketplace. It affects appearance, and then it further affects your visibility in-game. I've been playing this game off-and-on for the past few months and recently started playing it a bit more, considering I have more free time while I'm in between jobs. While the game's intensely fun alone, I would like to see about getting a squad (4 people) together that would either like to try the game out, or play it steadily with me. I'm playing this game with the intention to stream each session.
  15. Hi Star welcome to the community
  16. Hi, This is Star coming at you from Toronto. I play mmos and draw hentai for a living. umm I also workout more then fix (he got it from me). I'm also super Great! I like you all already and I hope to be around forever and ever! that should be enough... Regards, Star :)
  17. Oh, It's Oni. Your intro sucks. :p
  18. I am Oni from Swtorland!
  19. Hi Xirchs welcome to the community!
  20. Hi this is Xirchs Shimada the ninja that helped clear o2s right before reset and I'm happy to have found out about this gaming community. I started playing ff14 a while after heavensward was released when nidhogg was the newest trial. Right now the best time for me to raid with you guys would be probably sunday and monday because I will be trying to clear them with my fc and I want them to get 2 chests if possible. Some other games I currently play are csgo, overwatch, black desert online, and ff15 but most of my time is spent on ff14. The best and fastest way to contact me is through discord either by directly messaging or mentioning me because I always keep my phone near me. Also I should mention that I am INCREDIBLY QUIET so don't be surprised if I don't talk that much.
  21. Hi there, welcome to our community. Now your soul belongs to us. Half of it at least :)
  22. Hi Narhi, welcome to the community.
  23. Hi there, I'm U'narhi Zhiku. I'm a random healer that Fix found in a dungeon one day and after I killed him three times was like OH HEY COME TO DISCORD AND I'LL BE YOUR TANK BUDDY. So now he's stuck with having me around. Aldo said I'm supposed to come here and say hi and stuff. I also thought it was purple first, just for the record. I've been gaming in MMOs since 2004, raiding on and off since 2008. Currently however I've been living the casual RP/pug life as my school schedule doesn't typically allow for a stringent raiding schedule. I'm happy to hop in as a rep when people need one, I do still try to research the fights and pug them from time to time, just not as hard core as I would if I were an actual static raider. My favorite class right now is AST and I rp as a ninja. And uhhhh *confetti cannon and disappears* yeah...who needs smoke bombs.
  24. Welcome Jay to the best community around ^^
  25. Hi Jay welcome to the community.
  26. Hey! My IGN is Speed Force but you can call me Jay. I recently got back into Final fantasy XIV because of Stormblood and before that I was playing World of Warcraft. I been looking for Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV and luckily I found garre brenna recruiting in ul'dah. About myself, I'm huge nerdy gamer and currently working under my father in home remodeling family business. I also like eating junk food and watching movies with my friends and family.I'm looking to part take in raiding and dungeons grinding with anyone in the guild. I live in CDT so my schedule is hour behind everyone here I believe.
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