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  2. Welcome!
  3. You know it. I got both so that works.
  4. Hi Verism, welcome to the community, as for communication we use Teamspeak for raids and discord (https://discord.gg/2KjsPS ) for when people are out and about. Looking forward to the expansion on Tuesday?
  5. - The name you wish to be known by: Verism - Your steam profile information: https://steamcommunity.com/id/HufflepuffProf/ - What games you currently play with us or plan to play with us: Destiny 2 - What interests you in joining us today and what gaming interests you have: Just looking for a group of people to chill with and play Destiny, fan of MMOs and MOBAs - How you intend to partake or contribute to the community? where best to communicate: Destiny 2 PvP and PvE. As for communication, Steam works, I almost always have it open
  6. Odin Omega... Yep Welcome Dano!
  7. Hey Omega. Nice to meet you and thank you for bringing me in. Avatar is set. Is there anything else I need to do at this time?
  8. Hi Dano welcome to the community, the only thing you are missing is some sort of avatar, Xoza might make your avatar a pizza pie or something worse, like an Ewok. Also if you'd like an invite to discord https://discord.gg/VGJayM
  9. Name: Dano Interest in Ordo Imperialis: I have 2 real-world friends (Essleya & Trinket) in the guild that I look forward to campaigning with as well as meeting new individuals to progress with. I have been playing SWTOR since Beta and have played several other mmo's over the years. I am interested in all things end-game and am always looking for a new challenge, game, or situation to face. Contribution: I currently have a sorc and merc healer as well as a sin tank that I have experience raiding SM and HM with. I am primarily a healer but can tank as needed. I will admit I am not an expert at op strat and have much to learn about both my class and the high-end ops; but I hold my own and am very trainable. My goal is to be one of the front-line, go-to healers in the guild and participate in guild ops and events. I also enjoy leveling alts (both imp and pub) and PvP'ing Communication: I have Discord and TS I have read the Codex and understand its contents Thank you for considering me for Ordo and I look forward to campaigning with you! Sidenote: I have clicked on the link to the application but keep receiving an error. Please advise.
  10. Odin Coercion'd you
  11. Hi Bran welcome to the community
  12. Hi. I'm Bran. I do the final fantasy and also SL. I use discord. Woo.
  13. Welcome Sue!
  14. Welcome to the community
  15. Hello. I'm Sue. I play FFXIV. I've unironically known old Ordo members before this. Central time. I like cats. Something I dunno. Give me my role, Odin.
  16. She walks with storms in her heart and battles in her eyes.

  17. Hey Miyu, Welcome to the party pal!
  18. Hi Miyu, welcome to the community.
  19. Heya, Miyukachi here. Currently playing with you guys in the clan on Destiny 2 for awhile now, and been having a good time. I play almost everything, from Strategy/RTS, to MMORPGS, and FPS. Tho I do prefer PvE stuff over PvP stuff the most of the time. I'm on the west coast. Vancouver, Canada to be exact. Hope to play with you guys for years to come!
  20. We got this. I got him ranked up in TS. E-1 since he's already been with us for a week and I GUESS he's a cool person.
  21. Goddamnit UB, I was trying to rank you up on TS before you went to bed. Good to have you in the community. This time we'll beat him!
  22. Hello, my name is UBmylunch. I am currently in the guild with Destiny 2 but I love playing other games. I heard this clan does other games as well and it would be nice to join in on those as well. I play games such as planetside 2, warframe, battlefront 2, diablo 3 etc. Hope to get to know everyone here because so far, I am liking those I have been playing with. Thanks! UBmylunch
  23. rip no one posted :(
  24. Post your epic meals and/or creations here! This is what I brought to my family's gathering. Baked Mac & 3Cheese + Veggies & Croscants
  25. GM: "Does a 29 hit your AC?"Me: "*BLEEP* you know my AC has been 18 for the last nine levels."GM: "I know. I just like hearing the defeat in your voice."
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