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  2. Welcome Jay to the best community around ^^
  3. Hi Jay welcome to the community.
  4. Hey! My IGN is Speed Force but you can call me Jay. I recently got back into Final fantasy XIV because of Stormblood and before that I was playing World of Warcraft. I been looking for Free Company in Final Fantasy XIV and luckily I found garre brenna recruiting in ul'dah. About myself, I'm huge nerdy gamer and currently working under my father in home remodeling family business. I also like eating junk food and watching movies with my friends and family.I'm looking to part take in raiding and dungeons grinding with anyone in the guild. I live in CDT so my schedule is hour behind everyone here I believe.
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  7. Vanilla is the best
  8. I love Smore's Rolls. And welcome Zinny to the greatest place on earth or worst :p
  9. Welcome back :)
  10. Welcome. I didn't understand that statement but I see you've been away for far too long.
  11. Welcome back
  12. Just someone hanging around. Been around for awhile now or at least in spirit and figured some members would like to reminded how easily a face meet desk situation can occur. If anyone wishes for entertainment the tale of the axe and the ladybug will take you far depending on who you talk to.
  13. Hi Zinnabon welcome to the community, as long as people know you are on call nobody will care if you have to drop out in the middle of something, RL business before gaming. @CaptainSharkFin has started his brainstorming for the FC narrative in this thread if you have any input on it.
  14. Oi oi, Well, my name in-game is Zinnabon Schweetz. I started playing MMOs back in the PS2 when FFXI came out and I've played many other MMOs since. At the moment I'm mostly playing either FFXIV or rocket league on steam. I'm trying really hard to remember when I joined the FC or how, but I just can't remember... I'm pretty sure I saw someone advertising it on party finder. I love how helpful some of you have been, always inviting people to stuff and trying to get them through content, and that's something I enjoy doing, running people through stuff even if I've done it a 100 times. Now, about me... I loooooove baked goods, can't have enough, anything with vanilla or cinnamon makes my mouth water! I honestly thought I was going to be a baker when I was young, but alas, I'm not... maybe one day. I enjoy writing and sketching, I'm horrible at both of those but I still enjoy doing them. My first language is Spanish, so I would always join either guilds or FCs that spoke Spanish, but sadly most Spanish speakers don't like to RP and I like doing it once in a while. My career choice has been a bit of burden for online gaming, I have a very odd schedule... I work 24 hour shifts and then get 48 hours off, so once in a while my work day might land on a day that you guys might be raiding or doing an FC event, so I won't be able to make it, even if I really want to. Also, during the summer I'm on-call a lot, so I might have to leave at any moment, sometimes I try not to run stuff with people because I might annoy them for leaving and not saying much... I'm really sorry if I end up doing it to you guys. I also don't like to talk about work, so this is as far as I will ever touch on what I do. Looking forward to playing with you guys!
  15. Welcome
  16. Hi Dran welcome to the community
  17. You've got a bunch of us open to helping out whenever we're not busy. Just don't give in to Fix's false promises of the Lalafel Master Race. It's all lies.
  18. Welcome to the FC and Ordo. If you need help feel free to hit me up ingame same as Forum name. Look forward to seeing you around on Balmung :)
  19. Hey everyone, how goes it? Im Dran Earian, Dranearian, Dran. Whatever you want to call me. I joined up with the FC on Balmung today, as my previous FC decided last night to transfer off. It was quite the rude-awakening :o. I met Fix in a dungeon, and kept running into him everywhere I went so I stalked his FC and sent a message and here I am. Apparently an old friend of mine is a member as well! Kita messaged me on steam basically going WTF are you doing on the discord?!? It was quite comical. A little about myself, I am currently pursuing a 2nd bachelors degree and eventually a PhD in Astrophysics or a related field. Saying that, as the fall semester comes around my time will be relatively limited as I am taking a full time course load. In terms of gaming, I play everything except horror genre games. I used to be a sponsored Team Fortress 2 competitive player back in the day, so I do take things a bit more serious than I probably should ;) But yeah, I look forward to meeting more of you. And if you ever want to talk space, HIT ME UP! Ill fill your ear for hours with fantastic space talk! :D For instance, last semester I did an independent research course with a professor who is on the team for Cassini. I was given access to the data from Cassini and actually recreated some of his research concerning Saturn's rings, creating an optical depth profile that basically tells how opaque the rings are at any given radius away from the center of the planet. From this optical depth profile you can do things like determine the size of the particles, and their density! Things we previously and somewhat still do not understand! Ok Ill shut up now. :p
  20. Its all about the Neko Master Race. Welcome to Ordo if you ever wanna cross server party hmu :)
  21. Welcome to the Ordo Community Ren
  22. Welcome and Au Ra Master race <3 I hope we can hear you're voice acting on teamspeak one day
  23. Hi Cassie and welcome to the community.
  24. Hello, I'm Sassy Cassie or Cassie for short. I'm here with my girlfriend Paige, and we play FFXIV together on Goblin. I play other things such as Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (mostly Zombies), Dauntless and many others just to name some multiplayer games. As for my favorite games, I love my Legend of Zelda series, Bioshock series, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Legend of Dragoon, Crash and Spyro, and lots of good old nostalgia games like Banjo Kazooie and whatnot. I like to raid and I main PLD on my little Au Ra in FFXIV. Right now, I'm just looking for some like minded players who like to do end game content, but also like to relax, have fun with it and not feel rushed to do it! Don't be afraid to send me a poke or a whisper, and I will be glad to help! Also, a small little something about me; As of right now, I am trying to become a Voice Actress and hopefully will be in some video games in the future!!
  25. Not from FF, but hello!
  26. Hi and welcome to the community, in FF14 we have quite a few people that used to play TERA.
  27. Hi everyone, I'm Ren. I recently joined from FFXIV on Balmung server. I've been playing somewhere around four to five months. I'm here mostly to socialize, make good friends and find people to play with in FFXIV. Outside the game, I don't play as much games as I used to. I used to hang around playing ragnarok online, flyff, rose online, TERA... blah you name every mainstream(?) mmo game out there, chances are I've probably tried to play them to some extent. Aside from gaming, I do enjoy drawing from time to time. Yeah... feel free to poke me in game or on discord (Ren) whether you want to say hi or you need help on anything.
  28. Hello, welcome the community.
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