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Bracket Crowley

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  1. the only art that matters.
  2. a few people who didn't make it to the meeting have asked about the snapshot, so I thought I'd upload it here for people to see. I hope this is alright, if not, feel free to delete my post o.o
  3. I don't know what happened to your throne, it wasn't me, and I don't care what visual proof there is, that's an impostor.
  4. I attempted to join SL early 2006 but my computer could not take it. In July of 2006, I got a computer that was then the top of the line, and I instantly got SL downloaded to hang out with my friends from the radio station I was part of. Could not remember my info at all, so, Bracket Crowley was made. I spent the first 4 months of SL with my avatar as short yet muscley as I could make him, whitegoth skin, long Linden hair, and leather texture clothes. It started as a joke because I played danzig a lot on air, but it stuck. The main reason was even though my avatar was as short as SL could make it, he was still a full 2 inches taller than Danzig was IRL. Eventually, I upgraded the wonder Haraguy look in all our libraries, and I started to hang out at Flyintails sandbox with the rest of the DJs. A mass exodus at the station I worked at happened, but I was also SLMarried to a woman who DJ'd in second life. She showed me clubs, I found places to use my skills, and I became a traveling DJ in the game. From Day 1 in SL, up to now, I've loved guns in the game, and all of my tips went to buying Guns. The newest, the coolest, the loudest, the oribtiest <_< whatever I could find. Novum Inc was hyping up their Lawgiver 2.0s, I had just sold my old land where I had a very basic Tshirt shop for extra lindens. I went to novum, and I sat there. All day, waiting on Tyrant. It was there I met Tamos in his mechangel, and he introduced me to even more weapons and guns. Through Tamos, I met Krow. Hanging out with Krow is probably the usual Highlight of my SL time. He told me about Ordo, showed me pictures, I'd get a glimpse of Ordo armor everytime he left base and changed, he said I should join an such, but I was also RPing and Admining for a well known RP sim, and my time was spent there, but I did try to apply, and was denied. Likely due to my time spent in the RPsim, but that's in the past :> An old friend I met through DJing and I teamed up to make Knives once. It sprouted from my hatred of the black ops Ka-bar. I built it from scratch, I animated it, he textured and scripted it. From those knives, Antebellum sprung up. We made guns, melee weapons, and we were rich for a few months. Krow was usually our Target practice. Days upon days of running around to benny hill shooting him with barely fixed bullets. Fun times. Scripting changes happened, sculpting became the only way you could make sales, and antebellum slowed. Clinton went off to RL obligations, and I found City of Villains. SL became what i logged in to when CoV was down for maintenance. Then I couldn't afford CoV, and it was back to SL. I found more guns to love, and I was instantly swallowed up in RP. After too many 'wars' and whiners, I left that sim. I hung around Tamos, I helped him build, Krow had vanished, so Ordo had left my sights, and I eventually went off to play WoW and left SL on the back burner. I'm Raiding Icecrown Citadel and get an IM from Tamos "Krow's back, for good." I leave the raid instantly, I hear they wiped and gave up, but I went to see Krow. He was yacking about Ordo, asking me about my stuff, I told him I had nothing to do that I left the RPsim. He and tamos instantly jumped on me, telling me I should join Ordo. I applied, and around new years eve I was accepted. Linx did my training, and on January 1st, 2011 I was part of Ordo. I've had my ups, my downs, and trolls, and my lololols. But all in all, comparing 2011 to the years before, Ordo is where I belong. .. atleast until Zero Tolerance week kills me. -- tl;dr: I used to be a midge, I DJ'd, I loved guns, I left for other games, Krow's the reason I stopped playing WoW and came back to SL, and now I'm in ordo.