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Sambakza Valerian

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  1. HNNNNGH But thank you Afevis <3
  2. I might play the new Star Wars MMO, idunno. It looks interesting and all but I'm also playing Rift atm so it kinda depends on when the game is released and if I have lost interest in Rift by that point or not. But yeah, with regions and such, since I'm european I do hope that they're gonna do the same as rift and give you the oppertunity to choose in which region you want to play.
  3. Brony = Male fan of My Little Pony
  4. DOSH, GRAB IT WHILE YOU CAN LADS I still have a 10 pound bill and a few pounds and pennies from when I went to the UK 5 years ago~
  5. Hope you have a great time Aryte :3 Have fun!
  6. Gotta love Remi Gaillard :P
  7. Aaahh, Good times~
  8. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvdf5n-zI14
  9. Don't forget to bring a towel!
  10. Here ron
  11. It's an organized mess, Vinnie! And my desk isnt that big so ya :(
  12. Two screens~ Except the wallpaper is now Rainbow Dash ;D Also on a random note, an Ordo USB stick would be pretty cool :O (Thought of this after seeing all of Arokh's Ordo stuff)
  13. Yaay welcome! :D