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  1. I always knew I liked you.
  2. Anyone I would know? Either way, I'll have to stop by sometime and see what's going on with it.
  3. Necroing this thread real quick if a moderator would be so kind. Does anyone here play MechWarrior Online at all? The developers dumped the publisher and PGI has been doing some fairly good work in the last few months, making good progress on features promised from launch. Community warfare (group warfare) has been added in the latest patch and though it's still in early beta, it seems like good fun.
  4. Poppa Reisman lives within all of us, my son. Just look inside you, and I'll be there. I'll be sure to use a condom, too.

    1. Larry Furlough
    2. Larry Furlough

      Larry Furlough

      the world needs more people like you.

      the world needs more of you in it.

  6. @Tau, I'll look for you there!
  7. Do you have any friends with iphones or ipods? If so, ask if you can dick around with it, to see if you like it. I've been using an iphone for a long time, and I love the iOS.
  8. Jesus. How do you play anything with that? I wasn't even aware SL would run.
  9. I know Nvidia has a function on their site that can auto-detect what kind of Nvidia card you have.
  10. I was really referring to the who Founders program being so god damn expensive. I still do not feel the game will be pay to win, just pay to unlock some mech cause you're a whiny bitch and don't want to work for it.
  11. It occurs to me that maybe you've never actually played a Mechwarrior game. If you had, you'd know that there really isn't a way to "pay to win." As far as I can tell, you'll be able to buy mechs with real money. Having access to more mechs does not make you skilled, and the Mechwarrior series is a fundamentally just a game of skill.
  12. Nice name.
  13. You don't get any "rediculously high quality" video using the in-game recorder.