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Jim Bian

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    Military Enthusiast
    Mild History Buff (Specifically Classical Eras and WW2)
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  1. I don't know why I even need to bump this. Look at those pictures. You get to order those - ALL OF THOSE - to blow things up. All the things. Get it. Learn it. Love it. Destroy everything else.
  2. Saevitas Alpha Cohors, 5th Century (Poster To Go Here) I could sit here and ramble on about how we have cookies many cookies, what awesome gear we get flamethrower <3, or how our CO has his own inter-group meme link coming soon. That would all be cool, might get your attention, might not, but let me boil down this unit for you: - I am the hammer The sword in his hand I am the bane of his foes And the woes of the treacherous.* - "Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster; and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche We are the first, and most lasting impression on the enemy. We are the fighters who relish being the first into battle, and the last ones standing when all is over. We do not hold back, we do not relent, and we make sure they know damn well who it is that is defeating them. Where others fight with the sky above their heads, we follow the enemy into the depths. Our fight is up-close and personal , taking their fortresses and citadels from the inside, bringing the battle to their doorstep. When an objective needs to be held, we hold it. We become the monsters in the abyss, lighting the way for the Ordo Imperialis. P.S. Not as scary-serious as I made us out to be here, we p.cool guys (<HATE SAYING THAT) off the field. P.P.S. If you aren't completely thrown off by that serious paragraph above, and still wanna join, contact Stirn Aurotharius, Singularity Phenomena, or Ryu Peng to talk about enlisting. *Grey Knights Battle Prayer
  3. Same as above.
  4. All my hate Addi. >:|
  5. Horrible spelling and grammar, and that Aragon guy is a lightweight for having to go to sleep.
  6. Forums are too bright. :|

  7. Forums are too bright. :|

  8. [19:46] Matt87 Citron: may i ask what you are here? like what you do? [19:46] Ryu Peng: I'm a member of Alpha Cohors, Squad 5, Saevitas. I shoot and stab things. [19:46] Matt87 Citron: sweet [19:47] Matt87 Citron: best thing to do is shoot and stab stuff lol
  9. So, simply put, this is to find other Ordo players of the Red Orchestra mod Darkest Hour: '44 - '45. We're looking for people willing to play serious organized squad-games, possibly against a realism group I used to serve in. Flex the muscles of the Ordo Imperialis, and bring the war to new fronts! (Or some other similar propaganda bullsh*t...)
  10. - WHAT EVERYBODY SAW - [18:15] (COM): Mercury SecretSpy: Huttser Ishelwood is overriding the standing OIC. [18:15] Mercury: Declaring new OIC for Titan: Decurio Bracket Crowley. [18:15] Bracket Crowley is Offline [18:15] (COM): DaveyDarkStrider Oh: lol? [18:15] Mercury: Lost contact: Bracket Crowley [18:15] (COM): Ryu Peng: Wow, he dodged that one. [18:15] (COM): Huttser Ishelwood: Have fun :> [18:15] (COM): George Reisman: He said he was going to go. [18:15] (COM): Ryu Peng: Bracket logged off. :> [18:15] (COM): Altus Nirvana: fffffff [18:15] (COM): Huttser Ishelwood: .... oh god damn it [18:16] (COM): Ryu Peng: Lolowned. [18:16] (COM): Mercury SecretSpy: Huttser Ishelwood is overriding the standing OIC. [18:16] Mercury: Declaring new OIC for Titan: Decurionis Altus Nirvana. [18:16] Mercury: Declaring new OIC for Titan: Decurionis Altus Nirvana. [18:16] (COM): Huttser Ishelwood: \o/ [18:16] Altus Nirvana is Offline [18:16] Mercury: Lost contact: Altus Nirvana [18:17] (COM): Ryu Peng: Uhhh... [18:17] (COM): Afevis Sodertelge: ... [18:17] (COM): Keller Teichmann: ... ... [18:17] (COM): Huttser Ishelwood: ... I swear to god --- BEHIND THE SCENES --- [2011/06/14 18:16] Ryu Peng: LOG OFF [2011/06/14 18:16] Ryu Peng: QUICK [2011/06/14 18:16] Ryu Peng: QUICK [2011/06/14 18:16] Ryu Peng: JUST DO IT [2011/06/14 18:16] Ryu Peng: ALT F4 [2011/06/14 18:16] Altus Nirvana is Offline - [2011/06/14 18:20] Altus Nirvana: l;ol I know what your thinking but I actually got hit by lightning thats why its so funny to me
  11. Always do dad,

    just make sure you reload.


  12. Son, remember to brush your teeth.

  13. I come from the other side of the tracks so to speak, TG born and raised, and I've begun to get into the MG military community slowly. Mercz. was a big leap for me, got used to the bigger units and bigger responsibilities, and now I'm here. I hope to enjoy my stay here, and make it a long one.