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  1. Didn't you have a bad experience the last time you bought a game from GameStop >.>
  2. Everything well deserved :)
  3. Obviously you offended someone.
  4. Welcome to the community! Make sure you join us on TS to get an easy invite! It's ts.ordoimperialis.com a microphone is not required. Otherwise you can IM me in game, my name is Erdra Dawnfall or you can add me as friend using @shizzerk22
  5. I was playing earlier. I'd love to get some people together and play through the campaign or just play some games. Need people who are teamwork oriented, pubs are the opposite of that :C
  6. Titanfall totally better than halo by far~
  7. Holy fires of friendship
  8. Awesome! We will have a group going in TitanFall and some of us will be playing the ESO weekend as well.
  9. Eeeesoooo~ do you plan on playing on the upcoming beta weekend?
  10. Only redeeming quality of CoD Ghosts.
  11. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcZNLfQuzBo&list=PL83zA-s1t-nUdsni2TvH6UW3j2cunqXpB Titanfall woo!
  12. Merits are handed out! Sorry for the delay! Let me know if you are missing yours
  13. Bumping this. I'm going to start streaming when I can w/e games I play (solo or with Ordo). I'm going to be getting my profile set up when I can. http://www.twitch.tv/shizzerk is my twitch.
  14. You can, once in a while, find the yellow tinted ones on Woot.com for 50-75% off.