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  1. ESO has been rather nice compared to a lot of other MMOs. Mature players (so long as you avoid Stonefalls zone chat), good guilds, interesting and often unique quests. Definately +1 worthy. Europa is definately a game for those who like the Civilization style game, although this one is definately FAR longer. Especially with the mod from teh workshop that changes the start year to 2 AD, and lets it run untill 9999 AD. ARK.. I never really could get my head into the dino taming/breeding. Wasnt much for PVP. But give me the materials to build and I'd go crazy, massive structures quickly, and often with unique design features tailored to that specific build. I was similar in 7 Days to Die. Never really got good at zombie fighting, instead relying on a very good defensive build instead of any weapons. Space Engineers I really could have gotten into, but the game got VERY stale playing by myself, or on the server I was using where I ended up alone anyways. As for TOR.. it seems the things I dislike most about the changes, are what the programmers wanted as key features of the expansion; the level scaling for planets, the lack of anything unique about companions, the quick travel changes now allowing even easier travel to even more locations, and even a few of the story changes (good story, I just dont like the direction) It just feels like this expansion didn't add to SWTOR... but remade SWTOR entirely into a new game. Add in the fact that the SWTOR community, particularly main hub region chats, has appeared to be some of the most immature and asinine people I have seen in any MMO (Second only to WoW's Barrens chat before Cataclysm), well there is just very little to make me ever consider returning to it. Really, ESO, STO, and LOTRO remain some of my favorite MMOs, possibly because the 3 of them are far closer to the ideal of an MMORPG than any others I've tried (only because I never got the joy of the SWG experience, and cannot manage to get my hands on the copy of the game that the emulator needs)
  2. @Xoza I'm not dead yet. Just been roaming the universe of games. Settling on ESO when my btter-half is on with me (north american server, Ebonheart Pact for now.), or playing Europa Universalis IV by myself (1300 hours into this game and I'm still drooling over it) Gave ARK: Survival Evolved a go.. really fun game. Less of a heart attack than 7 Days to Die, less laggy than Space Engineers. SWTOR.... I wanted to like the Expansion. The story IS rather good, but the game play changes... I just couldnt endure. A pity really.
  3. Well I'll be playing PS2 semi frequent. Probably an hour to 4 hours a day most days. Then as soon as I can get money into it, SWTOR (reknew my account AND transfer to Begeren colony).... yes TR. not NC like I played in Beta (which pissed some people in Ordo off at the time, at least assuming their mood according to some of the insults I recieved) But yeah in SWTOR I need the account vurses free... my guy was in raid gear before Shadows of Revan hit... so still pretty decent now, BUT as a free account I dont have authorization to use the gear. Was surprised I got through Shadows of Revan without ever upgrading.
  4. Ya know.... Xoza is just one person I've never felt the need to harass. I remember meeting him back on... Telos IV on SL.....he ended up on my skype list after one massive group call where I sat silently and lurked... yet we never spoke. YOU on the other hand.... *grins with much mischief, sadism and evil intent* OH aaaand I intend to get my other half into the Ordo. She plays PS2 with me, and is the one trying to get me back into SWTOR which I have offered to pay for her character transfers to Begeren Colony if shes willing.
  5. So how DOES one go about reintegrating into Ordo now? I mean I'm used to the SL days... show up in sim.. get a little refresher training... prove I am still qualified for my Myrmidon title.. and get my happy ass to the front line untill someone calls for raid volunteers.
  6. .. and why am I covered in them? Reinhardt combat effective. Oh the days of SL, raiding enemy sims and defending Titan. And all the training we did. I was proud of all I achieved and all we were. It has never faded. I am Ordo for life, and I am proud of all I have earned with Ordo and all we became together, even if I am not active. WELL its time to change that. And be active again. Requesting permission to return to the line. Formerly rank E7, formerly Terra/Alpha Cohors/Evalidus, former command staff of Icarus, and then finally 33rd Legion/Tier 1, and moderately decorated (I still have an active list of all former achievements, awards, and education if any of it has bearing on present setup.) My long term LOA/retirement was due to no longer playing anything in Ordo's roster. For a long while, my gaming interests and Ordos did not match up. It seems like that changed. I WAS in the Ordo steam group, got booted one day randomly with no message as to why. Currently active (again) in: Planetside 2 (server: Emerald. TR main/NC and VC alts), In the process of re-activating: SW:TOR (current server: Ebon Hawk. 60Jug/25Sin/11Mara.... I HAD a 60Guard.. oopse.) Have played recently: STO (1 Fed, 1 Kling, 1 Fed-allied Rom, 1 Kling-allied Rom) Trying to get my hands on: ARK Have/used to play/inactive accounts: WoW (unknown server. Belf DK tank I remember), Minecraft Recommend for others to try: Space Engineers, Europa Universalis IV, Banished, Kerbal Space Program And yes I still have the TS info.. I have popped in occasionally over the past week just to lurk in the entrance. Just a visitor/guest now.... how far I have fallen.
  7. having played it somewhat recently.. you get more than 3 or 4 classes, THOUGH it seems the most advanced classes are pay to play. That said, the basic ones are free. Played as a dwarven warrior, the play was decent, the storyline rather good. Graphics were not the best comparatively, and the play got rather stale (despite some impressively original quests). The biggest hinderance to play was being alone, if you arent with a group it can and will get stale fast. I didn't get to experience alot of game features before moving on.. but it does look to have alot of potential.
  8. so far, most of what I've been reading makes this game look like medieval PvP set on Tamriel.. thats literaly.. the only conneciton to the elder scrolls storyline that I can find. Though I signed up for the beta, I am NOT expecting an elder scrolls game... just medieval pvp with racially bound factions.
  9. My question becomes this.... George already betrayed Star Wars's original fans.. who watched the story-telling style movies, and then learned the expanded universe. George went on to write make episodes 1,2 and 3, and the clone war series, which has made alot of the previously approved expanded universe, now impossible, and in the end, loosing alot of the original fans, even if he gained a new fanbase of short attention-span action sci-fi action lovers. The question is will Disney try and find a balance between the lost original fans and the new in an attempt to regain the originals and keep the new, or follow their habbit of catering to the new short-attention spanned fans? This is going to be the make-or-break moment of this endeavour in my opinion. Then again it IS Disney. We can expect more Jar Jar Binx moments, more whiney anakins, and movies that are almost entirely CGI if not fully done so. George was, flat out, the worst thing for Star Wars. Disney.. as of this moment, looks to prove that wrong, and be an even bigger threat to it. BUT they can prove themselves the Chosen One, depending on how things evolve. I'm interested in seeing how it goes, but I'm not going to expect much and I sure as hell wont hold my breath.
  10. I've played a Sith Warrior/Marauder, and 2 Sith Warrior/Juggernauts to 50.... (was becuase of the server merges and them not willing to move my first Jugg to the server I wanted) Though I since deleted the Marauder.... felt too squishy, and the Jugg was just EPIC. Though right now my account is inactive. The game gets stale pretty fast..... when you play it as obsessively as I did... and tend to do when I reactivate my account.
  11. http://malfador.com/ - official webpage, really OLD design TBH, but this is the company that makes the game. location of demo, and official patches. http://www.strategyfirst.com/ - the games publisher, where you can buy it for 9.99 http://spaceempires.net/ - not an official site, but THE major hub for shipsets, mods, discussion forums for SE4, SE5, and other games related to them. http://pbw.spaceempires.net/ - the play by web, semi automated site that lets you play pbem style games with other players (there are mods that enhance the AI of AI players to such a degree you don't always need to play against humans for a challange) If you end up getting it and try mods (frankly, stock feels unfinished to alot of people, which makes mods almost required), remember that mods, as downloaded, do not work together, BUT there are ways to splice mods together. It is rather simple to figure out though, if you poke around the data folder or graphics folder.
  12. Someone interested in the USSR, and Comrad Markius is the first to jump on it. Not supprised... not supprised at all.
  13. Question: If one genuinely has no word processors to write up an essay to attach to the email, is it permissable to include the essay in the body of the email? ((at least I managed to figure out WTF MLA formatting was))
  14. A rather.. old game, I think I've been personally playing it for a dozen years now? BUT the 5th game in the series is not as good as the 4th. (well the political aspects of the 5th game are superior, BUT the graphics and other aspects of teh game cause a good bit of client lag) It's a 4x game; eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate. And as the name implies, you are building and micromanaging an interstellar empire. It is fully possible to dominate the game with only a small handfull of colonies, or with thousands of planets developed and pumping out war machines. And if micromanagement isnt your style, you can assign AI ministers to run aspects of your empire for you. Technology is researched, intelligence missions undertaken, ships and other military hardware designed and produced. Regions are defended, enemies are conquered. The game posesses total customizability. Every graphic in the game is controlled via bitmaps. Datafiles are modded as text files. There are extensive pre-made mods, made by the community, available. As are shipsets. Now while I expect people like Agares to be drooling over a game concept like this, who has played it, does play it, might play it? Becuase frankly, I'd like to get an Ordo shipset made, get players together for a multiplayer game (which will take the form of a pbem setup, with game turns being processed simultaneously by the host)