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Riff Petrov

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  1. hi
  2. "Ffff you." - LittleBigfoot Sangin, Afghanistan Shortly before being turned into a fine, red mist by a comrade's grenade.
  3. Yes.
  4. Oh great.
  8. Sounds like a job for Rick D.
  9. I see Rick D. finally came through.
  10. People probably think that, if they're going to put in singleplayer, they should make the effort for people to truly enjoy it. I dunno. Having now finished the campaign, I can say the ending was kinda meh, but I still enjoyed it overall. It was nothing spectacular, but I didn't feel like I had just completely wasted my time.
  11. Battlefield has always been about the multiplayer. I've played the singleplayer campaign in both Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, and enjoyed both despite them both being rather similar to Modern Warfare, and really not all that unique or memorable. You can only get so innovative these days when it comes to FPS games and their singleplayer stories, especially when so many have "modern" themes, as was the case with the Modern Warfare series, Bad Company 2, BF3, and now BF4. So far, I've rather enjoyed the BF4 campaign despite similarities to other titles. Again, I can't say the story has been all that memorable, but I think it's been entertaining enough to draw me in and keep me interested enough to finish it.
  12. I'm dumb. Just realized Odin already posted about the GMG discount. THIS IS WHAT I GET FOR POSTING FROM MY PHONE WHILE AT WORK.
  13. Lol, no problem.
  14. http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx Might be useful for the remote access thing you're looking for.
  15. Videos and pictures of unprotected heterosexual sex in the missionary position. For educational purposes only, of course.
  16. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbRhWyx15dw
  17. welcome 2 ordough
  18. Aren't SSDs more resistant to being damaged from drops? Sounds like the way to go, bro.
  19. I can't see my merits. :( Edit: Oh, the awards tab doesn't work on the default theme.
  20. yes plz
  22. You could just ask for an invite to Ordo 3 and for the ability to invite people to it.