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Markius Fox

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    Firearms. aeroplanes, automobiles, pocket watches, howitzers, things that go 'boom'...
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    South Carolina, United States

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  1. [2014-07-26, 10:32:37 PM] Aryte: You're like my strange news feed that sends me random tidbits of stuff I am unsure if I want.
  2. Colors!!! @v@
  3. You needn't thank the Imperator, it was your work that earned you your just reward. Be proud of what you have earned, and do not strive to simply earn awards and merits. Simply strive to do the best that you can and be yourself.
  4. I have no idea when I last logged into TS3…maybe it was in the last month? (Honestly need RAM or a headset…)
  5. Ave Xoza! Imperator Secundum! (Don't fault my Latin, please, I know it is very poor!)
  6. Or Sith asking Jedi to release one of their brethren from the Jedi's medbay…and the Jedi igniting their lightsabers and threatening to kill the Sith. Yeah, I was in one of my other characters when I saw that happen. My jaw dropped.
  7. #swrpmemories #nostalgia Ahh~ I'm so old…
  8. LARRY!!! I missed you so much! *soul crushing hug*
  9. Forum Game

    New word: Mitochondria
  10. Forum Game

    New word: Piston
  11. Need more happy pills…

  12. Doc upped my dosage to 20mg of Citalopram. Yay!

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    2. Larry Furlough

      Larry Furlough

      do you sleep that often, markius?

    3. Markius Fox

      Markius Fox

      @Vincent, Coolios!

      @Larry, wat is sleep?

    4. Larry Furlough
  13. Antidepressants ftw!