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  1. LA Noire for the big list pickin's please~
  2. Santa Cruz the new hip graffiti artist, bicycle company, or city in California! I'd like the warframe booster this time around~
  3. As for the sunday thing, can I get Mass Effect 2? If Xevrand wants it, I can get the Dark Souls one instead. Edit: Changed my mind, I'd go with Dark Souls.
  4. I'm going with Ace Combat Assault Horizon - Enhanced Edition, with virtual candy on the side!
  5. It could be like, whose line is it anyways, where the points don't matter.
  6. Hi

    Am I familiar enough yet?
  7. I am interested, it is very pretty. Though, it might get disorientating for everything to be noving around and flashing like nuts.
  8. Obviously this shares resemblence to Yoda
  9. I play TOR now? Whoop whoo, TOR AP
  10. I'll take Sims 3, just make sure to slam it in this box and send it early.