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  1. Who is running the TSW group and what faction (if any is specified)?
  2. I should, hopefully, get more beta keys for the next beta that starts on the 20th of December. If not, it only cost $10 to buy the Elite Pack which gives you a 90-day headstart (means you play the game 90 days before it officially releases), you get access to whats left of this beta (it last until the 25th) + 5 beta keys for this beta + access to the next beta + 3 months of free VIP service (which really doesnt give you much of an advantage or anything, its just nice to have). At the least you'll get a few hours of entertainment, at the most you will get hundreds of hours. Either way, it's a good investment considering you pay nearly double that, or more, to go see an hour and a half long movie.
  3. I am playing Shaolin.
  4. Sent it to Intush
  5. If anyone wants to play in the Closed Beta, I have a spare beta key. If you want it, just post here and I will PM it to you. It might be gone tomorrow, though. If I get more beta keys for the second beta (which starts on Dec 20th), I will post here again.
  6. I don't know if they've done much marketing, but they have had interviews and whatnot with most gaming news sites. I guess it's not a game you would know about unless you check out a gaming site, and even then it would take a bit of digging in most cases. It is a pretty interesting game. It has a lot of PvP features as well as non-combat features. Chances are if you liked games like City of Heroes, Champions, or games with guild war/guild territory control features, you would find some interest in it.
  7. Anyone else in the Closed Beta?
  8. **This may be better suited for "Off-topic" but I thought it might fit here because it looks like a game that people from Ordo could play together. ** MWLL is a mod for the multiplayer component of Crysis Warhead, Crysis Wars. You can currently buy Crysis: Warhead for about $20. But, you can also play the mod using the Crysis Wars free trial. But I will explain that later. The mod is pretty fantastic in what it allows you to do. It allows you to not only pilot mechs, but tanks and other ground vehicles, as well as air vehicles (including VTOL's). On top of that, you can walk around as an infantry guy if you want. Here's a video showing off some of it: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tmW5uJ0WKiI I'm pretty excited for Mech Warrior Online, but this mod seems to have a lot more features than it's official counterpart. As far as I know, MWO doesn't have air our infantry/ground based combat, just mech combat. I am still immensely excited for MWO, though. Honestly, this mod reminds me a lot of combat from ChromeHounds (but a lot more Hardcore), which is my all-time favorite xbox game, due to it's awesome multiplayer component. When I first saw this mod, I instantly thought of this Gundam game that I never got the chance to play, unfortunately. It was only available in Japan, but you could play the demo if you modded your xbox 360 a bit. But I've always wanted to play it since I saw the trailer on youtube years ago. The idea of infantry, tanks, and air mixed with mechs has always held my interest. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oOi7H0h1gvE This is a great mod to play if you look military-type stuff. It's not a game where you can just run around and kill people and hope your team wins. To be effective you have to work as a team. Plus, mechs. And jets. And tanks. And Infantry. If you want to try out MWLL for free, do the following: 1. Download and install Crysis Wars Trial http://www.fileplanet.com/192494/190000/fileinfo/Crysis-Wars-Trial- 2. Install this patch http://www.fileplanet.com/195593/190000/fileinfo/Crysis-Wars-Patch-v1.4 3. create a gamespy account 4. follow these steps http://wiki.mechlivinglegends.net/index.php?title=How_to_Install_MWLL 5. run the game and click Quick play and enter in a random string of numbers and letters 6. If you followed the MWLL steps above the game lobby should appear 7. Join the server =CJW=Funbocks|TSA/TC mix (Or it may be labeled "Funbocks" without the CJW) 8. have fun
  9. I have two screens, each 1920x1080. As above, the second monitor is basically a blank version of the first, so no reason to post it. (Resized from original) I've had this desktop for about a year and a half, really need to change it :S
  10. o.0
  11. I have over an hour and twenty minutes of stuff to pick thru. I am very, very tempted to just leave it as is and render it over night and just upload the full hour twenty on to youtube =_= Any objects to doing that? ;D I'll probably wait til Monday to do anything, as I have a bunch of crap I have to do tomorrow. It might be interesting to do that (upload the full one hour), it would give people a real idea as to what a night (or part of a night) with the Ordo is like. Any comments/ideas?
  12. I've got about 100GB of footage, and I was gone for a majority of the night, unfortunately. I will edit this post with a link once I've picked thru it all, compressed it a bit and uploaded it to dropbox. Edit: Would you guys prefer one big vid, or a bunch of smaller ones?
  13. Here are all of the signatures updated with the new text + forum link. For added fun, when you are putting in your signature on the PS2 forums, please do it as such: [url=http://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/index.php?threads/tr-the-ordo-imperialis-us.13390/page-5][IMG]INSERT SIGNATURE LINK HERE[/IMG][/URL] Here are the same signatures, resized to work on the Ordo forums.
  14. I'll go back and change the text of the old sigs to the new text sometime tonight. As for an intro for my videos. I was thinking of this: Finding a good battle against the NC. Something with a lot of explosions and fighting going on. Then, we'll drop some squad beacons. Then, I'll get on a cliff or somewhere high (maybe in a mossy or something) and get a good angle. Then we'll have 20 or more guys drop down all on the same spot (perhaps set up a waypoint to make it easier to fall at the same point). Then, we'll use that clip for our intro. I'll put in some text and, the OrdoPS2 symbol thing I've been using, maybe some kind of transition (instead of just a fade) and a link to our forums (maybe TS info if you have no problem giving that out).
  15. For MPOChief: Let me know if you want anything changed. I put the Master Chief head over the TR Heavy body. I did it to be a bit funny, but if you'd like a more serious look, I an easily just put an actual master chief in :) The planet in the background is supposed to be Reach.