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  1. I have decided that after an hour thought how to do this. Be it by going out like an OG troll, or be mature about it and just do what I have to do. So with a heavy heart, I regret to inform you all that after two and some odd years of faithful service in his name. . . That it is time for me to retire from the Ordo Imperialis. Now. Before you all go dramatic look gopher on me, I have good reason for it. It goes without saying that I absolutely love every single one of you fellows, as this military has been my home for so long. I've enjoyed the career I made for myself and enjoyed training new cadets and turning them into blood thirsty Numerii. I'd like to thank Seb Yakan for taking me through my Schola classes, and Bossman himself for putting up with my crazy antics and knifing of AN pilots during aircombat. I won't miss a single one of you. Because I'll be coming around often still to hang out Don't worry. Water, Fire, Air, and Derp. Fuckin' Dradels how do they work? ALSO [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwGFalTRHDA
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSSMAN! Oh, and happy birthday to you too, Zanndor. Prick. Today becomes sim holiday. PREEEZE?
  3. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7ArUgxtlJs deadmau5? Win. And the singer from Pendulum. That makes musical mayhem. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GusLypfx7OQ E.S Posthumus is just win. Briefing pre-deployment music. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGywo81G6lk RAWRGGHHHH
  4. Apostles pretty much are the OG Alpha. They've been around since the time when Terra just had the Legions. [ Levitas = <3 ] But yes. Being as I was an apostle at one point, during that time Apostles were simply the Alpha squad of Astra. They had no prior responsibilities other than being epic. You could just as easily be bumped out of that spot, as you had gotten in. Now-a-days They are indeed an Alpha squad, and the Imperial Flight trainers. So, Thus. The Apostles have always been an 'Alpha' Squad. They're just not the same as they were when we had Sukasa Rydell around. Elitism.
  5. Jesus tits, Have enough alts? Btw. H8 that guy.
  6. Terrick Rieko = Atribi Paulse Still, Yet hes still a Mercz. how quaint.
  7. Niv is a Negro, yet smokes Marlboros. Hes a selfhating furfag [shh] Is a Second Year Pre-med student with lots of piercings.
  8. I'm going, and I'm gonna get a room, People that need a room contact me and Tell me how much you're willing to shell out to help pay for the room
  9. Gentlemen.
  10. Uh, theres probably a good chance you could get a ride from myself or my ex-mate. Shes from Conyers, Georgia and shes in Ordo. She'll be going I think. I know for sure her and myself are going to Furry Weekend Atlanta.
  11. I'll have to upload some pictures of my tattoos/piercings. I've got a pair of Black Wings, One on each shoulder blade that are spread open with Chains hanging from them, at the end of each chain link theres a ring piercing there called a surface piercing. Its pretty awesome. On my Pelvic bone right above my left thigh I have a Nautical Star with another piercing through it that kinda goes like this: I_____I - With spikey things on the end of the I.
  12. Sad to see it happen after such a long period of Enlistment, But he did seem unhappy here.
  13. D: Golden Retrievers. Thats the only type of dog I've had my entire life. I love ems. I'll have to upload a picture of mine sooner or later.
  14. For full recovery? About 2-3 months. I've got 9 busted out of.. 24. I tried to call into work today and they wouldn't have any of that. it was either come in or Lose the job.. I choose the one I could survive and Went in. A guy tried to throw a bag of Ice at me to ring it up and it hit me dead in the chest. So, add about a week on to that. x_o. Running joke now at work in the breakroom is I'm Marilyn Manson.
  15. Just informing the masses that I'm down and out for two days at max. Doctors Orders. I'll be round about on SL on my Laptop, but I cant do anything that requires moving too fast. For those of you wondering 'okay. wtf?' Last night I was heading out to Columbus, Which is about a 45 Minute drive from my house in urbana, ohio [aka dead fucking nowhere] on I-315; Well.. A guy decided to merge into my lane off the overpass extremely fast, despite the shit conditions of the ice. I look really faintly with my headlights in the back of his car and see a bunch of kids bouncing around the back watching something on the built in DVD Player [Honda Odyssey. Do want] Well, At this time i try to break.. And it was either rear end him HARD at about 60-70MPH, and risk injuring those kids and my record, Or hit the median. Obviously I took the less risky one and brought my car sideways into the side rail. With all the ice build up my car slid up the side of it and flipped over onto its top pretty easily and slid for about 400 yards before coming to a stop. Thats all I remember. And the loud sound of a helicopter, and my wallet suddenly emptying from loaded to negatives. [Those of you in the medical field would understand, ONE Flight in Med flight costs 3500->4000] When I came to in the hospital the person that helped me out of the car told me what happened how he found me. Now, I'm sitting here with my first broken bones, 9 Shattered Ribs near the upper regions of my chest. Its hard to breath and I've got a punctured lung. Lucky I had my seatbelt on or I wouldn't even be alive. My car now looks like a sardine can.. Poor subaru ;_; For those of you tl;dr Carcrash.