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  1. I hate Windows 8.1 to such a degree I could do a dance and song about it.

    1. Angelin01
    2. MrShaddo


      It isnt that bad! Just takes some time to get used to.

  2. Plus you won't have to exchange the damn thing in two years time.
  3. Would not agree with your thoughts on the memory. The CPU's native support is DDR3-1333/1600. So unless you fine-tune and tweak everything, the result in performance will not be that noticeable. And having a surplus in memory itself can be quite handy, I have 8 and I have to say I am struggling a bit at times when I suddenly want to run a memory heavy game and have a billion tabs open in a browser. Makes games with poor optimization(Or a ton of separate objects) run better. For instance X3. Not sure how it is on the US market, but here Cursair PSU's are quite.. eeh fishy. Cannot say much on the EVGA PSU line. But for something reliable I would have suggested the Seasonic Gold series. Very neat and modular PSU's.
  4. Tested Latency 10-11-10-30 SPD Latency 9-9-9-24 According to: http://www.corsair.com/en/dominator-platinum-with-corsair-link-connector-1-5v-16-gb-dual-channel-ddr3-memory-kit-cmd16gx3m2a1866c10.html
  5. Okay, I am rather tempted simply due to the carnage.
  6. Will not mention those that have been mentioned before, or well try to. Helix - CDC investigates a new possible outbreak in a privately funded research facility. The Mentalist - Consultant for police forces on the pursuit of a serial killer. (Think Psych but less 'silly' characters and more mind games)
  7. Hasn't it been in beta for over a year now? xD Either way roommate did try it once quite a while ago and back then at least it was quite unplayable due to the servers crashing constantly. Could be better now though if they optimized it a bit.
  8. If still possible to sign up, why the hell not. xD Game is as good as ever.
  9. Bingo. Right on the money with this. Can't wait for the full release. Act 3 will be twice the length it is now!
  10. I thought I already made a thread about it? Or not. xD Either way, awesome game and v1.00 release going live on the 24th this month(Or was it 23rd?)
  11. Your warning was not in large enough font for me to see. Ever since.. I have not been able to shut that tab at home. Dear god. SO MANY COOKIES. Also -> http://www.rippledotzero.com/ Old style action 8-bit sidescroller. Surprisingly catchy with awesome background music.
  12. I would suggest an SSD and then have an extra external drive for your random data. For instance: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820167140 Generally more drop proof than general HDDs. And changing to hybrid will not change anything since it still has moving parts which will be damaged just like that. As for gaming, well I have Corsair Force 3 as the OS drive and a separate one where I install most of my stuff. But of course if 200GBs is enough then you will not need an external one. Or look towards one of Samsung's latest releases of SSDs that go up to a TB.
  13. Probbaly. But it is true that it left a bad taste with all the easy access to high end gear through the auction house. Probably the reason why Path of Exile is that awesome. And on Hardcore, hard as hell as well. One miscalculation and you're screwed. But as for D3, probably will not touch it again before there is new content out. Honestly can't bring myself to try and grind past the last two acts of the final difficulty.
  14. Thank god. That is all.