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  1. Hi BaiHu and welcome to the community.
  2. Welcome to the community Izari.
  3. Okay invite sent.
  4. Hi Marina, welcome to the community, I see Salem invited you to Discord already. Did someone shoot your a GW2 guild invite? If not I can log on and do it whenever you like (Currently patching, I haven't played GW2 in a very long time).
  5. Hi Knight, it seems Kita has prodded you into remembering to make this post :P welcome to the community to both of you.
  6. Hi Haka, welcome to the community. We usually use Teamspeak for voice chat when people want to hang out or when we are explaining mechanics for first timers, but we also have a Discord for the text chat for when people aren't in game or if someone wants to ask a quest or post a picture or what have you. I can PM you a link to the Discord if someone else hasn't already given it to you, and the teamspeak is just ts.ordoimperialis.com
  7. Hi Lucius and welcome back to the community. Be sure to ask in FC chat and/or discord if you want to do dungeons or whatever with other people!
  8. Hi Varis and welcome to the community.
  9. Yeah I've play a bunch of MMOs but honestly most of them I only have played 1-3 months and then stop, FF14 is the only one I always come back to all the time. Although I do occasionally still play Star Trek Online for event or The Secret World when they release new story issues. I have the same thing with crafting and gathering, all 60, except fishing because I bored of it when I try to level it. I can NQ 3* but I haven't bothered melding most of my gear so I can't touch 4*. We mostly only use the Discord for text chat and stick to TS for voice.
  10. So this is you and Erii then?
  11. Hi Aurion, welcome to the community.
  12. Hi Erii welcome to the forums, hopefully Fix will be joining up too, and you know what we do with popotos. (Veronica is my character.)
  13. I sent it to you in a forum PM.
  14. Hello and welcome to the community. What about calling you Shiro is that okay, its 2 syllables though. Did Kiasha/Spud give you an invite link to the Ordo discord server?
  15. Hello and welcome to the community.