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  1. @Calohar has a giant hard-on for Red Dead 2, he's been waiting a long time for that game.
  2. Hi Crash, what games did you play and what ones do you play now?
  3. Hi Verism, welcome to the community, as for communication we use Teamspeak for raids and discord (https://discord.gg/2KjsPS ) for when people are out and about. Looking forward to the expansion on Tuesday?
  4. Hi Dano welcome to the community, the only thing you are missing is some sort of avatar, Xoza might make your avatar a pizza pie or something worse, like an Ewok. Also if you'd like an invite to discord https://discord.gg/VGJayM
  5. Hi Bran welcome to the community
  6. Welcome to the community
  7. Hi Miyu, welcome to the community.
  8. Goddamnit UB, I was trying to rank you up on TS before you went to bed. Good to have you in the community. This time we'll beat him!
  9. Hi Verbaine welcome to the community.
  10. Also GW2 and/or TOR are Free to try so could also have gatherings on those games as well. In fact on GW2 it might help to assimilate the new people from Hiro's guild.
  11. I know @Valos and @MadSeasonOfGrief play it. And @Calohar loves games where he can get shot to death PvP games.
  12. Hi Star welcome to the community
  13. Hi Xirchs welcome to the community!
  14. Hi Narhi, welcome to the community.
  15. Hi Jay welcome to the community.
  16. Welcome back
  17. Hi Zinnabon welcome to the community, as long as people know you are on call nobody will care if you have to drop out in the middle of something, RL business before gaming. @CaptainSharkFin has started his brainstorming for the FC narrative in this thread if you have any input on it.
  18. Hi Dran welcome to the community
  19. Hi Cassie and welcome to the community.
  20. Hi and welcome to the community, in FF14 we have quite a few people that used to play TERA.
  21. Hello, welcome the community.
  22. Hi Viera, welcome to the community, be sure to inquire about a link to the Discord chat.
  23. Welcome to the community Rider
  24. Hi Ash, could you tell us a little about yourself? If you are unsure what to write there is a guide posted here
  25. Yo

    Hi Haku welcome to the community. You will have to fight @Cummies for his Meme Queen title.