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  1. Nice , let's look at the positive side of things the clan didnt got disbanded and a new and fresh look appeared lol. Bored land baron, Oh really Sir ? ahha ,joking thats funny. I had really no clue there was a combat simulator in second life.. i was kinda shocked ( they bring war to a peace game ! lol ) LOL wtf with fladara I not gonna comment on that .. You made my day ""most serious and were often credited as being the evil fascist empire of doom." I think it's cool that you guys play PS2 now, good funs, i guess with that game you gonna let go a bit and go more second degree this time no more "standing to attention" XD. I like the side of serious organisation you guys got by the way even though I was a bit Oo at first on that meeting on TS aha, It still was fun to me nonetheless. excuse my english btw which can sound weird sometimes im from swiss and speak french, always learning ehe.
  2. Hey guys I been playing with you some weeks ago, since I'm about to join "pseudo-officially" (i dont know how your recruiting really works so) I thought I'd drop a hello thread there. For the record I discovered PS2 by seeing Nikki play on my friendlist, I was curious about that game, then I checked it, and here I'am ! had fun with you guys on TS a few times =). Also these past weeks I had'nt play so much because 1: I had a bit of things to do, learning driving license and stuff ( I still am btw.. ) and also I've had so low FPS's at some points that it's hard to get motivated playing anymore , like 10-15 fps at times is really annyoing, but I will play more in the future and hope your not in the areas that lags hard aha.. , also an upgrade should be coming in a few months so i'll be ok soon. Looking forward to kill some noobs with you all soon, peace. TheReal
  3. Hey guys whasup I was curious about where you clan is coming from, and its name logo(malta cross) , which of course is very "secret society" inspired, are you guys affiliated ? Lol, joking =) but i thought it was fun to ask. And did you exist before or since second life ? Because it's fun, you made it Real, and badass, aha.
  4. tech blog : thetechreport.com =).
  5. Hey all, I been playing with you guys the past few days, on TS aswell, I'd like to officially join you if possible, and by the way I'm a hardcore long time fps player =). BTW: Xoza epic guildwars 1 monk avatar :D