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  1. interesting
  2. look forward to it
  3. i would get if it also comes to pc
  4. cant wait
  5. what are days and times is everyone able to play for about 2 hours. lets try get a schedule going. my best days are monday, tuesday- all day. most nights work too
  6. we will be running through all the heists multiple times in order aswell. we can also help you out if you just started online.
  7. post here your social club name if you want to be part of an ordo heist group. currently its me(Valos), madseason, and doctor. We plan on doing it on a weekly basis. Social club name: Valos242 Madseasons
  8. battlefield play4free
  9. congratz peoplez
  10. the horse and ox is useful because it is free and i think tier 3.
  11. the only extra stuff that looks worth it is the house and free horse and ox
  12. im interested
  13. ive been watching it since it was on kickstarter. ill proly pick it up
  14. been playing and i love it