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  1. I need to walk away from this or I will delete the whole thing out of frustration. Borrowed Xoza's PS2 logo simply because it's awesome and I had nothing else.
  2. According to my DM i have potential to be a good DM ...I mean wut
  3. Run while you can
  4. Hello College my old friend, I've come to cry in your halls again.

    1. Faardor


      RIP. But last term right? Partay!

  5. Posted it on group me but I'll toss it here as well. My feelings after watching the KOTFE dev stream and watching my my class get butchered
  6. Alright then, I need a project to distract me from the shitshow that is my job. Forth year Character design major with experience with Adope premier pro, after effects toonboom, photoshop, indesign, ilustrator and some dabbling in Zbrush. Let me know if I can help.
  7. [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG8V9dRqSsw MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA ENOUGH SAID.
  8. College, I will see you in Hell...........and by Hell I mean next fall.

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    2. Jundani


      It will start all over again for the final time

    3. Faardor


      Thats what they said about final fantasy. WE KNOW HOW MANY SEQUALS THAT HAS BY NOW.

      School for you forever Jun!

    4. Jundani



  9. <19:57:28> "Jundani": tell him to google image search blue waffle <20:01:26> "Kavia": [8:59:26 PM] Alpha Omega: Q___Q YYYYYYY!!~!!!!!!!!@#!@#!@#$Q#$%#$%#$6 [9:00:16 PM] Alpha Omega: Q$#%$#@%$#@%@#$%#@$%@#$%@#$%#@$JUNDAS$#@%I#@$$#@()URESUSRDPTYUI$%EU^#@$U%^)#@$)E%_@#$I%(#@$%^#@I*^&^U*&@*$#_%$#@_()%#@()$^_U*@$#_^($#@_*^_#@%^$#@(__&*^)#@_$\, please pass that on to jun <20:01:38> "Kavia": that is what he had to say about your blue waffle search <20:02:09> "Jundani": HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Disclaimer: Please, for the sake of eyes don't google image search blue waffle.
  10. Look, I made a thing.
  11. Still trying to figure out z brush
  12. Been trying to learn zbrush in my free time. First ever sculpt. Laugh and be amused.
  13. Avant garde poetry can die in a firey abyss.

    1. acsayys
    2. Jundani


      Grammar Nazis can die in a fiery* abyss.

  14. Trying to make cool leaf graphics that don't look like scrotums. #artStudentProblems

    1. Raptor


      have ye nay heard of the leafus scrotumus?

    2. Faardor
  15. better
  16. ...troll
  17. Leave it. This looks great. Maybe shrink the ordo logo on the bottom right down a bit and then call it done. Sometimes less is more.
  18. My keyboard was acting up And later in that same operation: Xevrand: Tank is dead on that side Jun: We're Ffffed Yollo: I'll tank it Jun: Your Ffffed *boss jumps to me* Jun: I'm Ffffed *one shotted* Jun: That was a quick Ffffing
  19. Faar our Mercs officially look to muck alike
  20. Hi Mal. Pub side is best side. You should come hang out more.
  21. From that bitch who can't draw.
  22. School man....its gonna kill me