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  1. Very Very glad to have you now log in TS and Kill some mids
  2. ok Go to steam and see the special they have for it. Buy repopulation now. And its I think on xmas special. Anyways get it now and get a life time gold membership. that adda bit more exp and items when game gos life. AM playing it now. and game aready RULES. and its just like SWG. but better. now its SWG before they made the stupid changes to the game. Come to Ts in the alpha testing channe speak to me or valos. We aready recruited new members into TS and the game community from there. its going be a good place make our ranks grow.
  3. Hi all Calohar here ((waves)). Anyways am here because am trying to open a Chapter in Repopulation. A San box mmo. Almost just like SWG. in fact many of the SWG team are making this game. ITs suppose to be in alpha but the game aready plays very well. And seamns to be out. But they need to do a few finishing touchesh. The game is like SWG from fighting to trade skills. to housing. BUT a lot more has been place in this game is old school style mmo. with todays technology and Features. It realy kool. If you like info on this let me know or Valos. thx you.
  4. Great special now till 2/24/2014 35 dollars for it on steam. I got it I look and feel and plays realy fun and giood am enjoying it atm. ALOT. am in and cant wait till we get a guild/clan active in it. And like the partan mother said to there sons come home with this shield or you upon it.