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  1. So I have almost finished my workspace project. Nothing spectacular when it comes to PC but I like the way the room came out. First some professional photos: And a few made by me later (yes there is a mess in my room :P) Also the contents of small shelf above the desk have changed a bit: But my favorite part is the light control panel:
  2. mobile gaming

    You get 5 chances per day while the raid lasts and the character deaths reset daily unless you run the very last raid which has perma death for characters. We already have 1/3 of coins required for next raid too :) There is also an event for high lvl players right now that pits rebels against empire, it's damn hard though with my roster :P
  3. mobile gaming

    Well, you were supposed to get eaten by rancor anyway ;) What matters is that you dealt some damage which counts towards participation so you will get your rewards. I should be able to finish the rancor off tomorrow.
  4. EYE was a bit obscure but was loads of fun when you got into it. This... I have to agree with Xoza looks epic and the co-op campaign means that this a must buy for me.
  5. mobile gaming

    You might want to log in and take a shot at the rancor. With few people in the guild any participation will give you nice rewards. I will continue to carry the raid and should be able to finish it in 3-4 days.
  6. mobile gaming

    Recreated with correct name (I hope). Will hand over ownership when you reach 22.
  7. mobile gaming

    Cannot even blame autocorrect for that one. :( Disbanded the guild and will wait for proper one.
  8. mobile gaming

    It takes 300K credits to create one. Not sure if there is a level requirement. Regarding ownership we can test what I found on the forums: " You have to 'leave guild' and then select an officer to be the new leader, and then you can be added back in." :) Happy to transfer the leadership. Please apply for guild membership. For some weird reason I cannot invite you from friend list.
  9. mobile gaming

    Guilds are in! I took the liberty to create "Ordo Imperialis" to reserve the name (didn't add 'The' in the beginning :P). Happy to disband if anyone with more rank wants to lead that one. Guild is currently invite only but will accept members even at level 1.
  10. mobile gaming

    I was just wondering why this didn't work. No problem, will wait for new invite when you get there :)
  11. mobile gaming

    Whilst waiting for guilds feel free to send me friend invite in game. My ally code is: 873-593-643. Please also reply in forum post that you sent one as otherwise I might not accept it. I am currently level 74 and doing pretty good without spending a dime on the game. If you want any tips or hints just shout.
  12. mobile gaming

    They are planning to add guilds and 'raids' in upcoming updates. Anyone feels like grouping up?
  13. Hello and welcome to Ordo :)
  14. Welcome :)
  15. If you are thumping a lot, or at least a bit then I recommend those: PeakSeek is very useful for thumpers providing an ability to find the best spot for a resource quickly: http://forums.firefallthegame.com/community/threads/peakseek.1176341/ DITTO provides more information about the resource found with scanhammer, really handy: http://forums.firefallthegame.com/community/threads/addon-ditto.91960/