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  1. Hey I finally started playing after buying it on sale (if you can call 5 bucks off a sale but w/e) It's pretty fun so far. I'm on the far Northern edge of the island. Haven't explored too much but I've got a small camp tucked away just off the coast.
  2. Well at least we've got a server ready lol. One less thing to worry about later I suppose. And who knows? If they get the bugs fixed early we might be able to reliably start playing. Though as cool as it seems I'm not opposed to waiting, from what I've heard they're planning on adding a lot of content as they go. This is kind of the reason I wish early access wasn't a thing, if this game had been released in a year fully completed with all the bugs ironed out it would be a bombshell in the mmosurvival game market.
  3. Seems like a pretty well put together survival game. Even has long-term goals you can set for a group. As you said, we I don't think we should get too hyped or really involved in EA but let's keep this in mind. Looks like it could be a ton of fun if we got a group who played regularly.
  4. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swxw2t-9ir4 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHdB5l04m38 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB2dN1x_k_8 My namesake.
  5. Somebody please sign up, we only need one more to fill out a heist team.... Have a heart, we did 3/4ths of the prison break job with randoms.
  6. Welcome to Ordo! Glad to have you.
  7. I've actually wanted to try guns of icarus online. Haven't had a crew to play with though so that put me off.
  8. Welcome to Ordo! (Sorry it's a late welcome)
  9. Welcome to Ordo! (Sorry it's a late welcome)
  10. Welcome to Ordo!
  11. Hmmm.... Zombie survival does look interesting. Changing my vote to reflect this.
  12. May want to start a second poll, see around what time people think they'll be available to play. Personally I'm good for most evenings so the day doesn't really matter to me.
  13. Should think about adding Murder to this list. It looks like a really fun gmod game, on par with prop hunt and TTT.
  14. All hail our great and terrible leader! Ave Imperator!
  15. I get the impression that one of those looks is on his face whenever he thinks "I lead these people." Which one applies to this thread? *Shrug* Perhaps both?