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  1. Woot found a job! Time to get back to the grind!

  2. Aww shucks. thanks guys!
  3. Now that the game is out and I have played the Campaign, I must say that it is lame..... Still no gamepad support for PC, can't adjust FOV, and the story was written by the same guy that did Modern Warfare and it feels like Modern Warfare not Battlefield >_> Hopefully multiplayer can redeem it.
  4. Welcome! if you're ever on WoW come by and say hi!
  5. This counts right? >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCg2eg1ZPRQ
  6. If only it had dinosaurs
  7. Yay, just found out me and all the other contractors I work with are getting furloughed for 2 weeks without pay. More time for vidya games I guess

    1. Aryte


      Sorry to hear it! :(

    2. MrShaddo


      it's all good, the wife and I won't be too hurt by it. Can't say the same for some of my colleagues

  8. Guess I should work on my DK

  9. BF4 is going to be bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s

  10. What is up folks! Been in the guild for a few weeks now and just want to formally say hello to all and thanks for having me! This is truly the best guild/clan I have ever been in since I started my online adventures nearly a decade ago and I hope to give my time and energy back to it as those have given unto me. I have military and civilian leadership experience IRL and current work in the IT field while getting my BS in information security systems. Please use me as needed to help the guild. TTYL -Ken