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  1. I'm now switching my focus... I may be going cold turkey on video games and the group until my business is up and running well. If any are interested in engaging the professional world with me don't hesitate to get into contact with me. Mobile: (321) 537-7965

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    2. TheWildestWes


      We will be working*

    3. Cookie613


      I get 100% of all your income.

    4. Vulnus7


      I wish you the best of luck.

  2. Might just start a platoon on BF4 | Who do we have here that wish to join ;)

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    2. Nyssa Darkfury

      Nyssa Darkfury

      This is when I cure all the things knowing the graphics card blows so much T_T

    3. Dagurath


      Do it. Doesnt matter who, jsut do it!

    4. Shizzerk


      Oh they finally put platoons in? Took em long enough.

  3. Updated my about me. Check it out ^_^

    1. Nyssa Darkfury

      Nyssa Darkfury

      All of it looks smexy! Excellent work as always Wes!

    2. Aryte


      Wtf, baller.

    3. IronThunder77


      wes goes hard in the paint

  4. Another day my friends.

  5. Okay okay... I'll post something for people to read as they hope to win... HOW DO YOU MAKE HOLY WATER? Boil the hell out of it...
  6. You bought one of the three monitors on my desk ^_^. (Well one is mounted to the wall....) Its a great monitor my friend. And It power saves like a boss!
  8. Hmm... I sense a change coming...

  9. Seems when I go to make a poster for school I end up making space scenes.... Idk anymore... http://i.imgur.com/QrwleFh.jpg
  10. This league shall be that of legend.... xD

  11. Great to have you here man! Make yourself at home.... *Creeper face*
  12. Slowly falling into a dark mindset lately. I've been extremely scatterbrained about everything and I have a huge lack of focus. 0_o

    1. Angelin01


      And how do you feel about that?

    2. Agares Tretiak

      Agares Tretiak

      I know that feeling, Wes. Keep on keepin' on. You have to just power through that feeling sometimes to clear your head. Or suffer a psychotic break. 8D

  13. Well guys... I've gotten rather addicted to another game due to Attack on Titan's sudden decline. Vindictus is a game many of you may already know due to its unique gameplay style. I've gotten a guild started and I don't know if any of you may want to join me. But since this is the media section... ALLOW ME TO POST MY NEW WALLPAPER I MADE OF ME JUMPING OFF A BOSS LIKE A BAD ASS! Link for DL: http://i.imgur.com/FEcy7ac.jpg