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  1. THE HEADSMEN: AXE-BRO BUILD Medium Infantry Class Type Pros: Quick and Responsive, Medium Encumbrance High damage, to all armor types *Headsmen's Axe has ability to Decapitate (Insta-Kill) High visibility Able to block quickly Castillon Falchion has highest base speed of Sidearm Sword class *Able to spam attacks against medium/cloth armor builds * Oftentimes too fast for plate wearers to block attacks Cons: Medium Protection No visor - Open to headshots, stabbing weapons *Visor is optional and at the user's preference Falchion has low range, not very effective against plate Headsmen's Axe, once broken, leaves user unequipped to fight plate wearers [OI] Members using Headsmen (aka Axe-Bro) Build: 1. [OI] Cato 2. [OI] real