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Kytec Switchblade

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  1. i'[m going a day early so sera can sleep in my car :D 22nd
  2. [21:22] Kytec Switchblade: did you like the picture [21:23] Kytec Switchblade: i told ethan it would take 15 minutes, only took 13 [21:23] Kytec Switchblade: xD [21:23] Aelus Janus: wat [21:24] Aelus Janus: LOL [21:24] Aelus Janus: Well [21:24] Aelus Janus: I think lol. [21:24] Aelus Janus: Doesn't make much sense, but the picture is funny. [21:26] Kytec Switchblade: Because Hawking is in reality the world's biggest pimp, and you still think his genious comes from intuitive theorizations and calculated research. In reality he just has amazing ideas while hes motor boating d cups.
  3. registration purchased, gas money aquired, toll money aquired, parking money aquired, booze money aquired, food money pending. All set here :D
  4. going, driving. Don't know where i'm staying for certain or where i can park the whole time but ill be there xD
  5. it's a silly picture tho, they arent bloody or gross in that particular picture.
  6. all of my images are animated gifs
  7. Thanks Z
  8. we need moar pictures, more funny less gross xD he bobbed his head xD
  9. Kid barfed on webcam i rofld.
  10. So you've heard of Chatroulette.com and wanted to dive right in and start finding the most hilarious reactions you can dig up from complete strangers. What you'll need: 1.) A virtual webcam (web cam program that plays video or images instead of a webcam) - http://www.manycam.com/ (download many cam and disagree to the toolbars in the download process) 2.) Hilarious and random .gif images to use as your webcam - http://boards.4chan.org/gif/ 3.) A way to full size your .gif images (640 X 480) - http://www.brothersoft.com/gif-resizer-209779.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Go out into the internet and find your .gif of choice. Open gifresizer and in the top field find your gif, then in the bottom field copy paste the top path (such as c:\\users ect.) and uncheck keep aspect. Make the size 640 by 480. Once youve gotten yourself setup open manycam and click "add new effect" at the bottom left of the program's GUI then find your .gif image wherever you had saved it with gifresizer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In no time you'll have great reactions such as this: Post them here when you get them! www.chatroulette.com note, he was smiling when I first connected xD