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  1. Custom Built Pc. Smilodon Raidmax Gaming Development Raidmax Dirktooth Case 5 fans. Neon Green lighting. AMD Phenom II X2 550 Processor 3.10 Rip Jaw ram sticks 4 Gig 650 gig hardrive something like a dragonfly cant remember. 64 bit windows 7 ATI Radion 4xxx Asus mother board can't remember Got wicked fire heat syncs on it though. For a Monitor I use a 32 inch hd tv lol. System is 5 years old I think. Having some issues now with Graphics. Should prolly look into buying a new graphics card but when I did that I had problems with beefer ones fitting my motherboard. Looking to build a new PC for a reasonable price. Any advice welcome.
  2. PIMP!
  3. That is all