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  1. Looking, to fill up my fortress with ordo names, to add to the Dwarvern Cities FUN! I mean who doesn't want the mayor xoza ordering the dwarvern masses to capture the necromancer tower. :P Angelines post was fun to follow so lets revive this dwarvern mess :D Or watch as he slams his head into his hands as ordo starts demanding more beer and he starts ejecting dwarves into the moat. Who knows, let the FUN! begin. If you want to be added to the fortress and hear an update on your character post below. I'll try to select appropriate characters from the pool. If you need inspiration here you go:
  2. XD we all know Xev will i find someway on how to get eaten by a WareElephant. Though fyi, all guys in the colony were useless. Tyler, Net, Gregory, and me apparently decided we need to be bards. Then Tyler only has skills in fishing, we have no fish near us. Gregory decided to be a fish cleaner, we have no fish. Net decided to be a sculptor, we have no use for that atm. I was a jewel cutter, we have no jewels Q_Q. Only the women picked useful skills. Cathe, picked farming. 2 of the other women have wood cutting, and mining. Thank god they can hunt as well and cook.
  3. Welp Aeterna signed up :P hue hue hue hue
  4. Did anyone besides Stulti Zero, Netzeom and me actually play any Space Hulk?
  5. Man 1: We need to have the talk Man 2: Since im A-Sexual, Im gonna hand this over to you Man 1: Thanks, So when a man and a woman love each other..... Man 2: I DONT WANT ANY SPOILERS
  6. XD SR3 that was from the 24ths list, plus i think you are higher on the other list anyway XD so you should have pick over me. i only got mine up so i don't forget :P. If only Steins; Gate was on the list XD
  7. Ty to all those that donated games XD
  8. Saints Row, from the 24th list. And im gonna post my request for the 25th list so i dont forget (payday 2, and if someone picks that witcher 2) if both are picked tell me and ill figure it out XD TO STEINS; GATE WE GO!!!!!
  9. Theres no getting that song out of your head with out a little tear. For this image lets go for Persona I've been Beary good; so can i get the Witcher, or if Hulk picks that, then Halo Spartan assault.
  10. Yeah, Clannad XD !!!
  12. Well Played XD
  13. Decided to finally use some anime material. Watch Steins; Gate its awesome DO IT!!!! El Psy Congroo!
  14. My work is done. Take that scrubs!!!
  15. Xoza im watching you no snacking -____- stareeeeeee......
  16. they have a point
  17. Christmas is here, which side are you on.
  18. Congrats all
  19. Congrats all :)
  20. lololol, faardor would tots do that ;)
  21. Hey Mal, imp side 4 lyfe :D
  22. http://i.imgur.com/54hpU.jpg thought i'd change it up for the last few posts.
  23. saw this image and though xoza would like it (not to enter contest or something)