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  1. the closed alpha footage looked really bad >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REs9lYQlN2g
  2. This looks really, really good. The story looks really interesting and something that is already happening somewhat in our lives (not the augmentatio obviously, not yet anyway :P. but the infringement of our rights) That said I cant say I care about FPS that much, 30 or 60 it doesn't make a big difference to me as long as the gameplay and story is compelling (which for example it was for Deus ex human revolution)
  3. looks like nobody learned anything from titanfall, Most of this isn't even innovative, just looks like they are creeping on battlefields gimmick. (altough we will see if they implement those vehicles at all in MP)
  4. Not bad at all actually
  5. No more room in hell
  6. Now you can play club penguin on ultra graphics
  7. im not sure how. My merc has long hair
  8. ^ thats actually stome but in any case epic doodle jun
  9. If you ever decide to want to get back into that (they released an expansion a month ago that raises the cap to level 60) we have a very active SWTOR guild on begeren colony In any case welcome to the community and hope you not only stick around for repopulation but maybe get involve in other parts of the community as well!
  10. Hai :3 welcome and stuffs!
  11. Well when you're the largest chapter around... lol Congrats to everyone, TOR or otherwise!
  12. here, have a picture of the agent im leveling standing infront of my life day tree.
  13. We have a winner! Man this is all kinds of epic.
  14. this might be out of date for a while when 3.0 is released as bioware will most likely balance things and stats but in essence Most of this will still be up to date, the only thing that I know will change is the effectivenss of alacrity (its getting buffed) In that alacrity aside from what its already doing will allow you to cast more often now, so lets say for example you have 25% alacrity (for whatever reason) you will be casting your spells 25% more often (assuming that your energy management would allow it) because of this it might be more effective at a certain point than surge due to the diminshing returns on surge. Again this does assume that the formula for Surge, power, crit and accuracy stay the same. Speaking of accuracy, taunts can now miss, BUT tank specced classes get the accuracy needed to never miss (altough I havent seen this confirmed for shadow / assassin tank), its more of a "We dont want non tank classes to be able to taunt and apply a taunt without accuracy" (why you wouldnt have the accuracy needed as a DPS class I dont know, that might be something 3.0 explains or just bioware being dumb)
  15. im expecting this to go F2P otherwise it might be hard for blizzard to compete with TF2. If it does ill give it a try, otherwise not particularly interested really.
  16. When bored people do boring things, Like annoying pubs! Picture above is of the group I encounted while on ilum who were attacking base droids and turrets. So I decided to heal the turrets and droids and actually managed to wipe their whole group. They then decided to only stick to the droids outside of the base because trying to out damage my heals when they went after 2 turrets was too much for them. Thanks to wolf and panda for joining in on this.
  17. getting a phoenix wright kinda vibe outta this
  18. Welcome back!
  19. This guide is good to go, and anyone that needs help with their stats or gear can always ask me and ill inspect your gear to see if I see room for improvement (and I know that some people definitely have room for improvement)
  20. You've got it all wrong! Kavia is married to Tziva :3
  21. it all comes down to personal preference but I think when it comes down to pure number crunching calculations that the first 100 to 200 points of Crit and / or Surge for Healer classes (in general) are still beneficial vs more power / alacrity. Assuming of course that both the crit and / or surge is taken with power. (mainly having to do with diminshing returns not really taking effect on the first 200 points) As for the guide ill be adding my character sheet just to elaborate and point out things here and there.
  22. I think the poutine still has the other fries beat, it has a better mixture that blends well together and less crap just thrown together for the sake of trying to make something taste good.
  23. Well Sins get a lot of natural absorption and shield chance which is why those classes might prefer having more of those 2 stats.
  24. Hooray to all of them!