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  1. Hulkman: I already have a set penis.
  2. Edited by Kavia, Today, 03:53 AM. Beacuse Xoza!! EHEHEHEHE tidbit aside, congrats to all
  3. KOTFE early access, better get ready y'all

  4. Ha lmao. I think that'd be fine if you or esva were doing the lyrics
  5. Should play some smooth jazz during the stream for the audience
  6. I will counter with a video of another sea mammal >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rynvewVe21Y

    1. Xevrand


      Touch my cheesecake, and I'll end you.

  8. is fallout shelter any good? Since I got a phone emulator for my PC I might give it a shot.
  9. from a technical point of view Hitbox IS probably better, from a potential viewer point of view however you will have an easier time getting a bigger audience on Twitch. I do feel you sorta said that indirectly but its one of those things that needs to be taken into consideration.
  10. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjJN08uqt70 also before people start, Ffff you, I dont ONLY have to make star wars references
  11. DayZ has more potential than its competitors in my eyes, the problem with DayZ and its competitors is that it turns into a Man vs Man simulator instead of a man vs environment simulator (the environment being Zombies / scarcity of supplies)
  12. sweet I got warlord! Congrats to everyone else as well of course.
  13. Healing tips If you aren't healing your Heals per second (HPS) goes down Effective heals per second (EHPS) is more important than HPS Healing someone with full health will increase your heals per second but wont increase your EHPS, avoid doing so Cleanse whatever you can cleanse, that said don't cleanse a DOT effect if its about to expire, Cleanse priority is tanks > healers > DPS DOTS you can cleanse will have an orange border around them Make sure you do NOT have ''Show only removable debuffs" activated. Sometimes for a boss or tanking mechanic you need to know who and what could possibly take damage. Learn how to burst heal. For a merc the entire class is pretty much set up for burst healing (except kolto shot and kolto shell), For a sorc you will be reliant on amplified wandering mend, innervate and dark infusion. An operative only has kolto injection (altough this is getting buffed 3.3) If everyone is near full health either prepare for your DPS to take damage (for a merc that means placing kolto shells, for an operative place HOTs, for a sorc place barriers) or help DPS yourself. Energy management is everything. A Sorc will have to manage his consume stacks (this mechanic is getting changed 3.3 to something more forgiving btw) a mercenary wants to keep his heat below 40 (around or above 40 you want to use kolto shot to get it down a bit or use something like thermal sensor override or super charged gas, alternatively keep casting until 70 heat and then use vent heat ability) an operative much the same as a mercenary, keep energy above 60% and below that use diagnostic scan and stim boost or use adrenaline probe around 40% energy DO NOT COMBAT REVIVE ON ADDS, ONLY EVER COMBAT REVIVE ON A BOSS FIGHT DO NOT HEAL OR INTERACT WITH A PERSON WHO IS DOING A STEALTH REVIVE To stealth revive make sure you try to communicate with the grou that youre gonna do one (so they dont heal you or intercede etc) and make sure that you click away any HOTs, HODs, static barriers etc. Wait for any DOTs to dissipate, locate the persons body you are trying to revive and then activate your combat stealth (cloaking screen for operatives, force cloak for assassins) In order to not Ffff up the next part make sure to use the revive ability instead of right click a persons corpse. Especially if a boss or adds are nearby, this will prevent you from attacking an add. Reaching 440-550 surge is priority, after that stack as much alacrity with power that you can. Comm gear is trash and should be replaced by BIS gear. (either crafted 186 enhancements, certain 192 enhancements from HM 60 flashpoints, or from Ravagers / Temple of sacrifice Story and hard mode. Gear smart. Higher ratings might not always mean more EHPS. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you arent sure what to do with your gear, comms, stats, augments or unassembled gear. Rule of thumb: Set bonus (new or old) will usually lead to a higher EHPS. The differences armorings make on your EHPS are ignoreable. That said this isnt true for all Healer sets. Ask for help if you aren't sure. Always be stimmed for boss fights Consider using adrenals for oh shit moments. Healer aggro sucks so if an opener of a fights leads to lots of your HODs (merc) or hots (operative) or barrier being used then you will have to threat drop a few seconds into the fight. DO NOT KNOCK BACK ENEMYS AWAY FROM YOURSELF OR THE DPS UNLESS REQUIRED TO SAVE YOUR OWN OR ANOTHERS LIFE Figure out your healing procs, they can mean the difference between ruining your energy or several hundred EHPS. as a healer in 186 gear or above you need to be able to do around 3000 average EHPS but should be able to do 4000 in certain heated fights (underlurker for example) If you arent then a few things can be wrong: Stats, Rotation or energy management. Figure out your procs and energy management and possibly use a set bonus to get there. Damage dealers tips If you arent casting abilities, don't have DOTs ticking or are simply just pausing in the middle of battles your DPS (damage per second) will suffer, always be casting, there is not a single DPS spec that is supposed to pause and stop DPS. If its a energy issue, look for solutions, if there isnt a solution use your energy free casts. Either way looking on dulfy or looking at someones rotation on the parsely leaderboards might help. be smart with your defensive cooldowns, if you notice that your entire operations groups is taking a lot of damage then consider using one, on the other hand if the entire operations group is full health try to avoid using a defensive cooldown since the healers (if competent) will heal you up. There are of course mechanics that become easier with a defensive cooldown or are actually required to be done with one, feel free to do so. If confused about such a mechanic consult with your healers / operations leaders. Doing DPS is one half of the battle, mechanics are the other half. If you fail either try to read DPS guides or watch videos of fights. If you still cant cut the grade consider the fact that operations might not be your thing. More endurance does not make for more DPS, nor does it make you more desireable over someone with less health. Reaching the accuracy cap (100% melee / ranged and 110% force / tech) is first gearing priority. Second priority is 440-550 surge. After that if you have any space left for gearing then 1 piece of crit and 1 piece of alacrity. Alacrity preferred over crit) Comm gear is trash and should be replaced by BIS gear. (either crafted 186 enhancements, certain 192 enhancements from HM 60 flashpoints, or from Ravagers / Temple of sacrifice Story and hard mode. Gear smart. Higher ratings might not always mean more DPS. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you arent sure what to do with your gear, comms, stats, augments or unassembled gear. Rule of thumb: Set bonus (new or old) will usually lead to a higher DPS. The differences armorings make on your DPS are ignoreable. That said this isnt true for all DPS sets. Ask for help if you aren't sure. Always be stimmed for boss fights Consider using adrenals during burst phases If you can self cleanse things then you should self cleanse things (even if this requires a defensive cooldown) Threat drop several seconds after your opening blows if you have a strong opener. DO NOT KNOCK BACK ENEMYS AWAY FROM YOURSELF OR THE DPS UNLESS REQUIRED TO SAVE YOUR OWN OR ANOTHERS LIFE Use your offensive cooldowns (if any) to great effect. A marauder never using beserk is wasting a lot of potential DPS. The same goes for a sorc not using recklessness or a merc not using power surge, etc etc. Figure out your DPS procs (if any, and all DPS classes have procs) as they can mean the difference of several hundreds of DPS. In 186 or higher gear DPS need to be able to do an average of 2500 to be able to beat underlurker. You should however be aiming between 2500 to 3500 DPS. If you aren't able to get around 3000 then your rotation need works. Tanking tips Don't open fights with taunts. If there are multiple adds do not focus on just one use your AOE rotation and move to other adds to get their attention, your DPS getting the aggro of one add is fine, but with the way aggro works is, is that if you or the DPS leave an add untouched then that add will go to the healers. Healer aggro is generated on everyone while DPS and tank aggro is just generated on a single add or boss. You basically aren't tanking if your full threat rotation is focus on just one add or a small part on a group of adds. (I see this happen way too much people. Jump to an add and cast a spell or two and then focus on getting the attention from the other adds. Focus back on the original adds if they are still alive since they might require a taunt or two) Taunt stacking or spamming is a very bad idea for most boss fights. Simply because a lot of bosses have threat drop mechanics or attacks that require you to taunt after (or during) a cast. Generally you only have to taunt somewhere during the start of a fight. DO NOT KNOCK BACK ENEMYS AWAY FROM YOURSELF OR THE DPS UNLESS REQUIRED TO SAVE YOUR OWN OR ANOTHERS LIFE Gather adds and bring bosses to adds or other bosses if possible. Allowing yourself to do your AOE threat generation and your DPS to do AOE damage / DOT spread will make it easier to not only DPS but also to keep aggro as AOE rotations usually have high amounts of threat building and you will have all adds in range to AOE taunt if necessary. Figuring out a single target threat rotation and a multiple add rotation is key to keep aggro and not having to use taunts. Figuring out how to get the most of out of your spec DPS wise will lessen the DPS burden on your DPS and shorten fights, not to mention with how threat works more DPS leads to more threat generation. Figure out how your class handles its temporary defensive mitigation procs, getting the most out of them can mean life or death. More health is not worth less mitigation, there is only ONE fight in the game that requires you to actually have an X amount of health and that is Revan hard mode (55-56k to be exact) do NOT worry about reaching 56k unless its highly likely that you will be tanking him in the future. Instead focus on getting the most mitigation as possible (again BIS enhancements and mods are preferred over higher level comm gear ones. You'll get more out of 186 Bis enhancements than 198 ones.) as a rule of thumb a Tank in 186 or higher gear CAN and SHOULD be able to do between 1000 to 2000 DPS, Averaging 1500 DPS, this is all possible if you do your rotation right, you aren't then you aren't generating threat properly. This is a Work in progress, ill add more to over the following days most likely.
  14. Nothing revolutionary, basically doom 3. And people were saying its gonna be more revolutionary, not a survivor horror game etc etc. It'll be fun to play though but a game that'd be like 7 or 8 in score.
  15. Congrats to all!
  16. I am often asked to teach people how to properly heal as a Mercenary or commando but in order to do so I would have to explain a lot and I don't feel that a chat box is sufficient enough to teach someone so below I will first go over on how the classes differ (in ability names) and explain a rotation I use Mercenary / Commando healers are the king of single target heals as evidenced below: Average crit'd heal (all abilities considered): 8000 to 14000. Fully decked out gear crit'd heal (Medical Probe / Healing scan): 10000 to 15000 Perfect circumstance crit heal (medical probe / healing scan): 13000 to 18000+ Commando healing abilities (Or healing related abilities): Kolto Bomb - Advanced Medical Probe - Medical Probe - Bacta Infusion - Field Aid - Trauma Probe - Super charged Cells - Concussion Charge - Med Shot - Successive Treatment Indirectly Aids with healing: Tech override - Reserve Power cell - Reload Utility: Emergency Medical Probe - Adrenaline Rush Mercenary Healing abilities (Or healing related abilities): Kolto Missile - Healing Scan - Rapid Scan - Emergency Scan - Cure - Kolto Shell - Super Charged Gas - Jet boost - Kolto shot - Progressive scan Indirectly Aids with healing: Power Surge - Thermal Sensor override - Vent Heat Utility: Onboard AED - Kolto Overload As you can see the republic likes to probe people while the imp side prefers to give intrusive scans, anyway the names of the abilities are set up so that Kolto bomb is the same as kolto missile, advanced medical probe is the same as healing scan, etc etc. Ability Explanation - Kolto Bomb / Kolto Missile: Base: 2500 Crit: 5000 Buffed crit: 6000 HOT: 1200 (2400+ if fully critted) 8 man AOE heal that heals for 2500 base - 5000+ average crit and gives them a small HOT (800-1000) Kolto bomb / Kolto missile CAN crit on multiple people but you could be unlucky and have it crit on only one person. Same goes for the HOT portion of this. - Advanced Medical Probe / Healing Scan: Base: 7000 Crit: 12000-14000 Bonus crit: 15000-16000+ Your highest heal since 3.0. Applies a 45 second healing buff on the person used on. Using this on a tank to give him extra healing is useful but not entirely necessary, heals are to be spammed to keep your group alive, not a single person. - Medical Probe / Rapid Scan: Average: 4000 Crit: 8000+ Bonus crit: 9000+ Your spam heal and something you will use most of the time, nothing special about it other than the fact that this will be your most used heal since it has no cool-down. When used it will also give you 2 charges of supercharged cells or super charged gas meaning you don't have to rely on your rapid shots / hammer shot to build cells in the midst of battle. Since 3.0 it grats 1 stack of critical efficiency which reduces the heat cost of your healing scan (5 per stack, maximum of 3 stacks so it can reduce your healing scan to a cost of 5 heat) If utilitied into it also grants 1 stack of power barrier. (1% damage reduction per stack, for 5% maximum) - Bacta Infusion / Emergency Scan: Average: 4250 Crit: 8000 Bonus crit: 9000+ HOT: 1800 (no crits) - 3000+ (if fully critted) Your utility / Energy free heal. When casted it gives you a buff called Emergency responses which allows you to instant cast healing scan. Also applies a HOT that heals f or - Field aid / Cure: Average: 1250 Crit: 3250 Bonus crit: 3800 Says what it does on the box. Cleanses physical and tech effects. (Also certain force effects but not all, touch and go that shit) - Trauma probe / Kolto Shell: Average: 1000 per Shell Crit: 1800 bonus crit: 2200+ Total: 7000 Crit: 14000 Bonus crit: 15500+ (altough it critting every time and then doing it under the best circumstances is probably never gonna happen) A HODT (heal on damage taken) ability, It doesn't heal for a lot though but it serves its uses. Always best applied before a pull. Get 10 charges of supercharged gas and then place it on everyone. Word of warning: This can potentially generate a substantial amount of threat on you, consider asking for a guard or aggro drop. Re-applying kolto shot mid battle should only be used during lulls when people are full health or near full health priorities of re-applying it should be tanks, healers and melee dps and then ranged DPS (in that order) Word of warning 2: If you are in a group with 2 mercenaries and you're better geared ask the other merc not to cast unless its an in combat cast. Successive treatment / Progressive Scan Average: 8000 (main target) Crit: 16000 (assumes every tick is a crit) Bonus crit: 18000+ Other: 2100+ Crit: 4400 Bonus crit: 5000 for each target ticked (up to 4 people) a Pseudo 4 man heal that hits pretty hard, one of the abilities that should always almost be on cooldown unless healing requirement is low. Also applies an armor buff on the person casted on and everyone that it additional ticks for healing. - Med shot / Kolto shot: Average: 1100 Crit: 2500 Bonus crit: 2600-3000 Hooray! with the support cylinder / cell you can now hit your allies with bolts / a beam that heals them and reduces your heat. Also applies 1 charge of supercharged gas / cells. This generally should be used when your heat is above 40 as a way to reduce it. Alternatively during lulls in a battle you can use it to top-off people. You can use this to build up 10 stacks of supercharged gas before a battle also - Concussion Charge / Jet boost: Heal: 1200 Crit: 2000+ bonus crit: 2500+ Just an AOE knock-back you say? WRONG! with the right tree spec you can turn this into an 8 man AOE heal that heals you and all allies in range. Note: If there are adds around try not to knockback them unless its necessary to keep the group alive. - Supercharged Cells/Gas: Technically doesn't heal but I included it as a healing ability since it amplifies your healing by 5% HOWEVER. just by being at 10 stacks of this and not activating the ability you get a 3% increase to all your heals so you only want to pop supercharged cells for 2 reasons: - to reduce your heat/cells (it vents 8 heat) 2 - you absolutely need 2% extra heals for a burn phase. As an added effect super charged gas removes the cool-down on healing scan/advanced medical probe. When you pop super charged gas only heal with healing scan during that period. (I mean unless you don't need to lol) - Tech override / Power Surge: Allows you to insta cast an ability (this can be used for both healing abilities or offensive abilities) Is your tank taking too much damage? use this in conjunction with rapid scan / medical probe (This also works great with reserve power cell / thermal sensor override) - Reserve power cell / Thermal sensor override Allows you to cast an ability free of heat charges (can be used for both healing abilities or offensive abilities) Are you above 40 heat / below 60 cells? Use it, because being above 40 heat / below 60 cells reduces your heat / cell regeneration (you get the most regeneration below 40 heat / above 60 cells) - Reload / Vent heat Reduces your Heat / Increases your cells by 50 over 3 seconds (15 instant cell regen with cell capacitor utility while also applying 10% alacrity for 6 seconds) I rarely use this as with proper heat management you wont have to use it. That said there ARE times when it is necessary: To save the life(s) of your tank(s) or to burst heal the raid group up to acceptable levels of health. Note that people new to merc / commando healing are free to use this but try to move away from being dependent on it. - Emergency Medical Probe / Onboard AED Nothing special, only your combat rez. Note: this shares a 5 minute cool-down with any other healers combat rez. So if a Merc uses his combat rez that means that a Sorc or Operative wont be able to use his combat rez. (stealth rezzes still work since that is a cool-down on revive) - Adrenaline Rush / Kolto overload A rapid heal that heals you back to 40% of your maximum health. You can trigger it when you expect a large hit that will bring you under 40% of your health or when you are under that %. Mind you should not be used if you are at 39% or similar health amounts. Ideally I would use it around 15-20% to get the most out of it without being in a danger zone of health. Rotation (deviating from this is alright but I will list the most perfect rotation as possible) Before fight: Get 10 stacks of supercharged gas / cells Apply Kolto shell on everyone (Optional: apply successive treatment / progressive scan on main tank for the armor buff) During fight: Emergency Scan / Bacta infusion Healing scan / Advanced Medical Probe (This will be an instant cast and place a healing buff on the person casted) Successive treatment / progressive scan Rapid scan / Medical probe (kinda touch and go from here but if you were to follow your cool-downs and keep casting it would end sort of like this: Rapid Scan / Medical probe Rapid Scan / Medical probe Rapid Scan / Medical probe (probably with thermal sensor override) Healing scan / Advanced Medical Probe Successive treatment / progressive scan Additional Notes Be sure to refresh Kolto shell / trauma probe on the tanks and perhaps yourself and the other healer(s) and possibly others in the raid group if time allows it. Pop Supercharged gas / cells if heat management becomes an issue or you need the extra heals only in extreme emergencies should you use vent heat / reload Using jetboost / concussion charge depends on your positioning but using it to only heal yourself is totally acceptable but positioning yourself in a group is better. It only costs 8 heat / cells (or 0 if you are utilitied for it. Im not but its an acceptable utility to take) Gear: 440-550 Surge, Rest of your gear should be power and alacrity. Main stat augments where possible since with the way I gear myself is that I only rely on the natural crit given to me by Aim and Cunning (might be worthwhile to get all aim and cunning datacrons out there) Things to look at here: Bonus healing (increases the base healing of all your healing skills) Crit Chance (increases the chance of you getting a critical on a heal) Crit multiplier (increases the amount of a critical heal) Alacrity (increases heat dissipation, global cooldowns, activation speed, channel speed) You gotta watch out that you dont get too much crit, gearing selectively and knowing what to replace in your gear will lead to a higher HPS/EHPS altough you cant really tell my statimization in the picture, I could actually afford to get an extra surge piece at the cost of alacrity the HPS/EHPS difference wouldn't be too high however but my crits would be between 18000-19000 on my highest heal (instead of 17000-18000) which is pretty to look at. Relics: Serendipitous assault Focused Retribution Get crafted 186 PVE relics, Current PVE relics > PVP relics Optional relic Boundless Ages (allows you to set a burst healing phase on your own volition) Note: The set bonus for a mercenary / Commando healer is finally worth it since 3.0 They fixed it! Sad part is that the main reason you want it is the six piece bonus (so you got a long way to go) Utilities: Skillfull: Custom enviro suit, improved vents, power barrier Masterful: Torque boosters, Protective Field (infra red sensors is also good here, heat damping is worth it if youre getting jet rebounder in heroic) heroic: Kolto jets, Thrill of the hunt (optional: stabilized armor instead of kolto jets in AOE heavy fights) Tips and tricks! Med shot / Kolto shot healing should only be used to top people off or if they are getting minuscule damage. I try to only use it when people are around 85% or higher in terms of health (edit your UI to show percentages and numbers) Only do this if time allows it or if everyone is hovering at nearly full health. If people are getting hurt too much while you are trying to top people off then don't bother doing it. If multiple people are grouped up and hurt use Kolto bomb / Kolto missile to give all of them a boost, up to 8 people will get healed from the bomb/missile healing amount and they will all get a small HOT too. Its not worth while to use kolto missile on one person, but if you can hit 2 or ideally 3 shoot em if you got em. If you're having issues beating a particular boss due to lack of heals consider getting 2 triage adrenals (since most fights last longer than 3 minutes) Consider carrying around medpacks or even giving them out if the above is causing your raid to wipe Always be stimmed when youre healing! Always be healing! If youre not casting youre not healing even if its med shot / kolto shot (if youre high health) If nobody needs healing either DPS or apply kolto shell / trauma probe for future phases. KEY NOTE: REMAIN BELOW 40 HEAT WHILE DPSING (unless you know what you're doing) if you dont stay below 40 heat while DPSIng and people suddenly need heals you might find yourself unable to give them. If you can, have someone craft you your entire 186 gear and improve your gear using ravagers, TOS. 186 comm vendor gearing guide: Bracer: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 bracers (if possible replace the mod with a aim + power mod) Belt: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 belt (if possible replace the mod with a aim + power mod) Earpiece: Yavin med-tech mk-1 relay Implant 1: Yavin boltblaster's mk-1 package Implant 2: Yavin boltblaster's mk-1 package Legs: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 legplates (if possible replace the mod with aim + power and the enhancement with either power + surge or power + alacrity. You can take the mods enhancements from the med-tech boots) Boots: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 boots Hands: Yavin boltblaster's mk-1 gauntlets Chest: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 body armor (if possible replace the mod with aim + power and the enhancement with either power + surge or power + alacrity. You can take the mods enhancements from the med-tech gauntlets) Head: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 helmet (if possible replace the mod with aim + power and the enhancement with either power + surge or power + alacrity. You can take the mods enhancements from the med-tech boots) Mainhand: Ask for someone to craft you a barrel and use the mods + enhancements from boots or gauntlets depending on your surge (if its around 500 you dont need more surge) Offhand: Yavin med-tech's mk-1 offhand blaster Relics: Serendipitous assault + focused retribution. ask someone to craft 186 variants or hope you get lucky on TOS (first boss drops relics)
  17. updated for 3.0 included a gearing guide, if anyone has a merc (or any other healing class) and they need help with their rotation or gear upgrades feel free to hit me up ingame or on TS and ill give some constructive criticism or tips.
  18. you have, it was posted a few weeks back. I assume that tomorrow or the day after they might release more footage.
  19. I see a lot of people struggling to figure out what stats do what and what stats they need so ill try and do a short guide on stats. STAT TYPES Main stats Aim: - Used by: Bounty Hunters (Mercenary / Powertech) and Troopers (Commando / Vanguard) - For: DPS and Healers. - Not for: Powertech / Vanguard TANKS, they want to focus on mods with more ENDURANCE than Aim wherever possible. Cunning: - Used by: Agents (Sniper / Operative) and Smugglers (Gunslingers / Scoundrel - For: All classes and trees need more cunning than endurance wherever possible. Strength: - Used by: Sith Warriors (Marauder / Juggernaught and Jedi Knights (Sentinals and Guardians) - For: DPS - Not for: Juggernaught / Guardian TANKS, they want to focus on mods with more ENDURANCE than Strength wherever possible Willpower: - Used by: Sith Inquisitors (Assassins / Sorcerer) and Jedi Consular's (Shadows / Sages) - For: DPS and Healers. - Not for: Assassin / Shadow TANKS, they want to focus on mods with more ENDURANCE than Willpower wherever possible. Endurance: - Used by: Everyone (but DPS / Healers need to focus more on their main stat.) - For: A primary focus in mods for Tanks. 1 endurance contributes to and additional 10 maximum hit points available. (ex: 100 end = 1000 hp) Secondary Stats Absorption Rating: Increases shield absorption amount. - For: Tanks, increasing the percentage of damage your shield absorbs when it does. Accuracy: Increases melee / ranged and force / tech accuracy. - For: DPS (You need 100% Melee or Ranged accuracy and 110% Force or Tech accuracy). Less will reduce DPS by the percentage you are missing and more may contribute to diminishing returns (the points could be better used as something else or starts to have value falloff per point). Alacrity: Increases global cool-down speed, activation speed, channel speed and energy pool generation. - For: All healer classes except for Operatives and Scoundrels (I'm told a little bit helps) Often another stat may better accommodate your needs. Crit Rating / Chance: Increases the chance to critically hit (see Surge for more) - For: Only certain DPS and healer types. Mainly for builds that have a lot of damage over time(DOT) attacks or healing over time(HOT) heals. Most DPS or Healer won't focus on crit rating. Average crit rating a DPS could aim for is 20-25% Defense Rating: increases your defense chance (avoiding attacks) - For: Tanks, essentially a dodge or avoidance or deflect of an attack. If your defense was 100%, you may essentially avoid all attacks. Power: Increases your base Damage and heals - For: All roles except tanks. If possible always combine Accuracy with Power / Surge with Power / Crit chance with Power / Alacrity with Power. In all your DPS/Healer gear options, you want to make sure there is power in everything you can get. Shield Rating: Increases shield absorbtion chance. - For: Tanks, This increases your chance to reduce energy or kinetic damage with your shield. (See: absorption rating). Surge / Crit multiplier: Increases how much damage is behind a critical hit. - For: Mostly DPS and a few healers. Again if you focus on DOT's or HOT's this may be a primary focus. Ex: if your base attack does 8000-10,000 and you crit with a surge rating of 70% it CAN may do up to 17000. Tech / Force Power: Only on hand equipment. - For: All roles/classes, increasing this is a primary focus for DPS and healing. The amount is based on the barrel / hilt / armoring in the device and increases damage and healing. (A 186 barrel / hilt / armoring will provide the most tech / force power in the game. You can temporarily increase your Tech / Force power by 675 with a Nano infused triage adrenal for 15 seconds, however it reduces your damage by 20% and is only used for short healing burst phases.) Typical DPS statimization 100% Melee / Ranged Accuracy (maxing out your accuracy companion helps reduce the amount of accuracy gear you need!!!) 110% Force / Tech Accuracy (maxing out your accuracy companion helps reduce the amount of accuracy gear you need!!!) 0-250 points of critical rating (Although not something to stack on gear for most classes, max out your companion that gives crit anyway!) 440 points of surge rating (Again max out the companion that grants you surge) As much power as possible without sacrificing accuracy rating or stacking too much crit. Main stat augments Typical Healer statimization 440 surge all power and alacrity for the rest. Crit is bad but if you want you can put it in a mod and enhancement or two if youve reached the surge soft cap No accuracy in any mods, enhancements or augments whatsoever (It is however possible you get some accuracy by maxing out all your companions, so yes 91/101% accuracy is normal to see) Main stat augments (power is acceptable but I personally run no crit so I like to get all the natural crit I can from main stat) Typical Tank statimization Assassin / Shadow tank: Defense: 527 Shield: 1668 Absorb: 1808 Juggernaut / Guardian tank: Defense->1360 Shield->737 Absorb->603 Powertech / Vanguard Tank: Shield: 1800-1900 Absorb: 1200-1400 Defense: 550-620 Alternative (defense tanking): 1800-1900 defense 1200-1400 Shield 550-620 Absorb Tips and tricks: - PVE relics are king again! 186 crafted are better than any PvP now! - DPS and Healers ALWAYS want to get the current relics of Serendipitous Assault and Focused Retribution. Boundless ages is an acceptable choice also but remember to use this during burst phases (so during raid wide buffs or a beserk phase / - Tanks should augment with defense, absorption and shield augments. - Tanks should always use Fortunate redoubt and shield a Examples: (more adding soon) http://i.gyazo.com/02559245ec610c65f9ef9e1b8adef45d.png DPS marauder (annihilation spec) mainly 186 gear and some 190/192s, 198 offhand and in a 162/168/180 set bonus lacking: 200 surge, bunch of alacrity (stat budget is tight on 186 crafted gear)
  20. kinda lost me at mobile game.
  21. im gonna hold off getting it until I know it has support for programs I use.
  22. True, they could've sold the rights quietly I guess. Or they felt that the story behind it was cool and decided to rip off everything aside from the name lol.
  23. It does look like it could be chicago. Also I personally liked watch dogs, altough it might not have been worth the full release price. The website also has hacking references so yeah probably watch dogs or another hacking game that takes place in a city that looks an awful lot like chicago.
  24. I usually feel okay since im in the demographic they tend to (want to) protect: female, white and a young adult.