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  1. I believe it was due to your known dealings with changelings.
  2. Congrats on all you have accomplished and all that you will accomplish in the future. ~Feather
  3. I think with ESO what you are running into, is that people want to focus on leveling right now. Once people are mainly in the vet ranks and looking for "More" to do, they will probably be open for RP as another route of entertainment. Having mainly played on RP servers and such through most of my gaming past, trying to organize big RP at the launch of a game, or when an expansion comes out will result in low interest as people will be working through content. I think you are going to likely run into that with the launch of Wildstar as well.
  4. He made some damn good stirfry last night.... Our next training will be him keeping it all in the pan and off the stovetop. :)
  5. I am so proud of him... He used to poison himself with his own cooking.... Now he is out cooking for the guild.
  6. Welcome! Tulips and chocolate sound lovely... As for the weeds you spoke of... It is dangerous to go alone.... Take this.
  7. Welcome!
  8. In your ESO, Horsing up your guild.

    1. Aryte



    2. Lanny Ansar

      Lanny Ansar

      Seems someone's trying to be the Mane Attraction over here...

  9. You are so mean.... And that is why we love you.
  10. Yet another of her songs that I need to try and track down the sheet music for.
  11. Good evening, I am one of the ponies of Roanoak who has come to to offer myself as a beast of burden to the Ordo war machine in ESO. I am an experianced gamer in terms of organized Raiding and PVP. I played EQ1 until WoW (Vanilla) went beta, and then I played that up until about 6 or 8 months ago. I play Star Trek Online when I want space battles and League of Legends when people from work pressure me into it. I did play Guild Wars 2 for a while but It just did not hold my attention once I reached the end game. My first Elderscrolls game was Oblivion and I played the heck out of it. I am still currently, playing the heck out of Skyrim. I am hoping that ESO with Ordo fills the social / gaming void that I found myself with after my guild and I grew bored of WoW. My ESO id is @Featherhorse if you would like to add me in game. Maybe we can all organize some PVP or some group Dungeons. Cheers! ~Feather
  12. Molasses and Sugarcane > Potatos I much prefer Rum. <3
  13. Sounds lovely... the only thing missing from that list is Carrots. <3