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  1. Forum Game

    Because I have too much time on my hands at work and i figured this would be a funny new game on the forums (I didn't think it up myself!) 1. I post A picture followed by a word. 2. You search that word on Google images and find the most hilarious picture you can 3. Link that picture to this thread 5. Think of a new word for someone else to search! easy? New word: Banana
  2. We still need to make some megapost about all the stuff because history
  3. I will leave you with a bit of advice as I am stepping out: weaponized autonomous robots/AI Totally worth the time investment :]
  4. We had so much fun on SL \o/ Also you HAVE to write down your stories.
  5. We just migrated all our web and voice services to new hosting. Except for our main webpage everything appears to be OK and I am expecting the webpage to come back up within 30 minutes of posting this. (it is 'down' because the DNS is slow to update for www.ordoimperialis.com) If you are having issues what you can try is close the program having issues(this is actually important for windows) and doing an 'ipconfig /flushdns' on the command prompt and then try again.
  6. For anyone using a Microsoft account(outlook.com/live.com/etc): Emails coming from our server are currently being blocked. We're trying to get this resolved but Microsoft isn't very accessible when it comes to finding the correct place to send these things to.
  7. We're back up and running, hopefully for a while :-) So what happened! This morning we (I) ran an update on the server hosting our websites, this included a kernel update. This new kernel had some serious issues with the network card that is in the server and it decided to just turn it off. Needless to say, without a network card it is rather hard to log in to the server and fix things ourselves and the hosting provider had to be contacted. It took them a bit to get to the data center (these things seem to be unmanned) and reboot the server with a working kernel. But now we're back \o/
  8. Also the IT guys there are going to hate you if there is wi-fi in the building :P And yea SL will take a lot of bandwidth, make sure you cache lots.
  9. I'm doing TKA/Doc and whatever + Architect, Chef and tailor. Main + Alt.
  10. How many unique people do we have on here now ? I have 2 chars currently, 1 in the guild. Also should work towards self sustainability or something that pays the bills at least. Maybe we should make a list of non combat professions that we have or are working on so people can possibly fill gaps ?
  11. Would like more info on locations and names. <- Remma Bandit
  12. Yea too late now :P
  13. I pretty much screwed myself over just now, with a lack of anyone else running missions i got myself beat up to a point where it would be better to recreate my char .. but the server does not allow that. I need to wait for it to restart and free up my name, also every other combination of my name seems to have already been taken somehow and i ended up creating a char with an incomprehensibly stupid name as a test to see if it was just blocking everything .. and after that I found out http://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=93007
  14. I meant the guild house =p I'm still running around mos eisley trying to remember things
  15. Where is it at ?
  16. yea I think im going to need a hand :P also i remember profit was much better as a group too.
  17. Oh god i feel like such a noob again .. who else is on there ?
  18. I still have 2 or 3 sets of installation cd's somewhere, just did not get around to trying it yesterday... How is the population ?
  19. Heya Jayce :-)
  20. I was digging around after reading the SWGemu post and pretty much came to the same conclusion as here .. This has a very high SWG like feel to it. This is probably worth a better shot then SWG although I'm not clear on when they expect to go into beta with this.
  21. Oh god its been so long! This still makes me angry when thinking back about the backstabbery
  22. Looks decent, but get an SSD for your windows drive (256Gb minimum, win7 already takes like 30) Don't expect anything good 3d wise from the integrated intel graphics.
  23. So, today I found out about: - Fappy the anti masturbation dolphin (I'm not making this up) - Rubit the anti masturbation rabbit who took over for Fappy as Fappy got arrested for masturbating in public (Honest, not making this up ..) - The Christian porn shop facebook page (Google it if you don't believe me D:) - The UN trying to ban a local Dutch tradition called Sinterklaas because he's got black helpers ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinterklaas ) and that's racist somehow .. (Sinterklaas is what Santa is based on .. which means Santa would be racist towards midgets ...) Someone try and top that ..
  24. I'm actually curious if that works with 3d programs .. you'd need something along the lines of NVidia shield ? (I've never tried with 3d, only 2d) Cause computer renders, rendering renders to pic, pic gets sent over lan to other computer, pic gets displayed .. and that 60 times per second. If you *just* want the desktop or other stuff, you can also turn on remote desktop and 'mstsc /admin /v:computerupstairs' mstsc = MicrosoftTerminalServicesClient and actually works quite well, /admin takes over the main desktop instead of launching a second background session
  25. I know this is semi old, but I had hybrid drives in my laptop and it sucked. Replaced the primary with a 512gb ssd and then it was like :D SSD as primary and a 750gb hybrid as 2nd.