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  1. Hey guys, so I thought Id post what Ive got so far of "Demon Rising", a book Im writing :P https://docs.google.com/document/d/15Y4tA8YFm-RFApJVRfRlpQWeAd-qIsc4mqFUOXKU8Mg/edit?usp=sharing
  2. [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq6peV44L10 Hey everyone, just wanted to get an idea of anyone playing Rust or used to. I have a few streamers possibly coming onto the TS with parts of their communities in the hope of growing the Ordo a bit but also helping them get viewers. If you wish to play message me and we can get situated, may also have a private server to use as "Home base" and what not Thanks!!!! Vote!
  3. Well if you wish sim is alright but the general stuff the squadron will do wont involve it. If you get a squadron together thats fine, and hell Ill do Sim tanks, but sim aircraft are scary lol
  4. Hey just wanted to let everyone know that once I can I'm setting up a squadron for OI in Warthunder. We're looking to do a pretty structured group and I hope to make it fun for Tankers and pilots alike. All manner of players from noobs to Sim players are welcome. Standard game times: -Everyday from about 12pm-12am with variations due to work etc. -Squadron Custom battles on Saturdays for noobs to learn and vets to practice. -Realistic Mondays Note: Simulator battles won't be part of the main thing due to the experience gap between Realistic and Simulator.
  5. Well at the moment I'm playing with a group of friends on another server. If interested just add me on steam and we can get set up
  6. For sure. Was part of another DayZ community when I met Firefox and he suggested I check you guys out. If I can get a good group of 5-8 going for the mod or SA that would be awesome.
  7. Hey, I'm curious to see if anyone is willing to play the mod or SA (mostly mod though) Mod I play personally is Epoch at this point. Vanilla mod is getting blah and boring and most of the other mods don't have a following after the stand alone release. The Stand alone is a touch and go subject. I'd rather play it down the road when its more flushed out and more able to be played without being a total PvP game. If anyone is interested just comment and I'll get to ya in TS.