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  1. The following is a transcription of true events in New Jessie, dated May 13th, 2010: March 12, 2010
  2. Garma. Was here\\\\\\\\\

  3. In case anyone hasn't seen it yet. ... />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=on3DMeotV3k I'm just surprised Raideur's fetish isn't shoving real hedgehogs covered in olive oil up his ass. ... Dear god I hope it's not. Those crazy French. <3
  4. desires to end the life of a Gibberling.

  5. Offensive Achievements Flash and Clear (10g) - Flashbang a group of 2 or more enemies and eliminate them before the effect wears off. Scoped and Dropped (25g) - Assassinate an enemy military's top commander, with a semi auto weapon, from at least 200m. Mission Accomplished (25g) - On an objective-based sim, successfully complete the objective (flag, demolition, etc.) Terminator (100g) - After a pull-out order has been issued on last-death, continue to survive and dominate the enemy for 5 more minutes beyond your teammates. Defensive Achievements Whites of Their Eyes (10g) - Score a musket kill on an attacker. G-Unit (10g) - Score a kill on an attacker that is using a Carducci weapon or gangster avatar. Homeland Defender (10g) - Defend for 2 hours straight without taking a break. Servant of the Imperator (25g) - Defend for 5 hours straight without taking a break. Adult Undergarments (50g) - Defend for 8 hours straight without taking a break. Misc. Achievements Sam Fisher (100g) - Kill a Blood Fist member before they recognize your presence and ban you. Gentlemen (25g) - Successfully infiltrate an enemy compound (on your main account) by convincing a guard that you're there to help them. Shapeshifting Rat (50g) - Successfully infiltrate an enemy compound (on your main account) by disguising in enemy tag and armor. Fed the Fish (Rank 1) (10g) - Push a cadet into the river. Fed the Fish (Rank 2) (25g) - Push an (un)welcomed guest into the river. Fed the Fish (Rank 3) (50g) - Feed Keller.
  6. Another large revision and update. Simplified the list (again), separated it into four tiers: All Finished Products, Pipeline, Development, and Drawing Board. Also, list now encompasses projects outside of Titan (personal ventures, but if there's a holdup on Titan product development, at least you'll be able to see if I'm working on something else in the meantime). Drawing board will only list confirmed projects. Guns in each tier are listed from most recent to oldest in sequential order under their respective categories.
  7. Lupus, read the last two pars. It's a Diablos Korobase joke.
  8. Ok seriously, no more in 'progress list', I'm just going to build guns as the motivation comes up. xD Whenever I put an obligation to finish one I never actually do it. I sat there staring at the Skorpion for so long that I finally just stood up and said "screw it, I'm gonna get something to eat", picked it up, and forgot about it.
  9. Keystone: So I was playing Campaign single player L4D1 on Expert. Tank shows up at the gas station. I fall back with my bot buddies and Louis I guess stops to try and raid the fridge in the kitchen of the diner for watermelon. The tank slams him against the wall and incaps him. I go back to put a couple magazines into the Tank's face as he's killing Louis, and then as I'm running away, Bill and Francis run out the back door and CLOSE IT ON ME. Keystone: The rest is pretty easy to figure out. Xayvien Rau: Look on the bright side. Xayvien Rau: Black guy died first. Keystone: For watermelon. Xayvien Rau: Worthy cause. Keystone: What about pills? Could have been stopping for pills. Xayvien Rau: Haha, yeah. Xayvien Rau: Except if he found pills he'd have beaten down the Tank.
  10. LUPUS: Bringing new definition to the "furry" term. :D
  11. Shadow Company is a blanket term used by many, many publications to signify the dark implications of hiring PMCs. Shadow Company is not a real PMC, the documentary is merely calling its exposé as such due to the "shadowy" nature of corporatizing warfare. I doubt that a PMC would call itself Shadow Company in reality, because of this very same implication. Such an implication would be very, very bad for business. Blackwater USA, for example, renamed itself due to the word "black" having such a negative connotation, as well as Blackwater's disasterous complementary media coverage.
  12. [spoiler warning.] I extracted and transcribed the random miscellaneous radio chatter that Shadow Company's radios give off every so often, during the second-to-last mission in the caves. Figured I'd post it here, because it's interesting to say the least. It gives a bit of insight into their professionalism and operational quality, but also into the debate as to whether they are a PMC or a SOCOM task force. Key: Oxide: Central Command HQ (Oxide's base controller is apparently Shepherd's right-hand man. He has direct contact with him at all times, pre-Price/Soap infiltration, probably face-to-face). Disciple: Infantry Mongoose: Infantry Scaler: Helicopter Carnival: Zodiak Teams / Logistics(?) Avatar: UAV While thumbing through some other files, I also found that at one point during the Zodiak chase mission's development, a Predator UAV was to be used on Price and Soap. Obviously this had been cut. Also, another tidbit: Actual Shadow Company infantry are keen to pick up on the fact that Soap and Price are SAS based on their combat styles, which they know from the SAS handbook (as quoted from their battle chatter files). Apparently they have access and clearance to that information, which is top secret as I understand. They also state that Soap and Price move very predictably, and that they've downed tougher targets than the two of them. Finally, and most curiously, one battle chatter line has them saying, and I quote, "Headshots pay double; keep your shots high and tight." They're apparently being paid to eliminate targets. Judging by the conversation posed between Disciple Two's sandstorm patrol and Oxide, they may be paid through a manipulation of the hazard pay statutes. They are also apparently paid to eliminate Makarov's Ultranationalist troops in the Boneyard, as they are able to remark about being paid double for headshots on them, as well. More transcripts to come later, if I can find the time.
  13. There was a PD Source. It was a TC. The project was abandoned, but I played the beta and, lag aside, it was fucking beautiful. It had dynamic crosshairs, which was a bit annoying (think Insurgency), but otherwise it was great.
  14. Yes, the stairs need repairs. I think the build is beautiful. I have a questions, however. ∙ Will more cover be added for both attacking forces and our defending forces? ∙ Will the terrain underneath the build be lifted to meet the structures so as to prevent issues with falling underneath the build, and to prevent attackers from exploiting it? ∙ Our old HUD goto system is outdated by the new build; when is it estimated that we will be getting an updated replacement? ∙ Will we be retaining the traditional "base of operations" style bunker system (below ground), are we operating as a fortress (above ground), or both, as with the old build? Also, might I suggest, if we have the prims for it: ∙ Offices for officers. ∙ A lounge. It doesn't need to have video games like the VV lounge, but anything would be better than that bare-bones hangar or the all-pro, no-go armory for people to gather during the slow periods. Maybe even a TV. Hell, the Mercz had one on their front lines. ∙ And decoration in general. The old build was scant, and uninteresting. This new one is interesting but very bare, and I have a feeling its novelty will wear off quickly as we enter engagements. Ammo crates, defensive positions, sandbags, etc., anything to liven the place up a bit and make it feel combat-y.