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  1. An update on the Wow Tokens for those interested in that, They have added in the needed adjustments to support the upcoming Wow Tokens however Tokens themselves have not yet been implemented.
  2. Welcome to the party Tanny ^_^
  3. As Many of you may have noticed there is an earnest effort under way to get a world of warcraft chapter off the ground, We presently have an Ordo Guild on the Alliance faction of the US Suramar server, and I encourage everyone interested in playing WoW with us to drop me a pm, or find me on Suramar on the toon Amaka =)
  4. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctVrpQ-orss Just kidding!
  5. Lovely to have you ^_^ welcome to the family!
  6. Steeeeeeeeeeeve! This is the one i refered to as Pahlei in my Proposed Chapter post I can't think of a more worthy person to help with that endeavor and i'm estatic that you are offically aboard!
  7. #RudyTheHutt
  8. So I want to level the classes i haven't yet leveled. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that wanted to level with me so i don't have to go it alone. Kind of gotten myself burnt out solo leveling
  9. on 1/2/2015, I Malhavox, will be doing a Fox style Cartel pack give away on the Republic side, at 8pm CST I Will be doing it from my Pub side character Usheke, from my Stronghold, I will start forming the Ops group for it 15 minutes prior, and the give away will begin, if attendence is good, 15 mins after the hour. So make sure you are on for the Free stoofs!
  10. So I've met alot of you already, I'm Mal, or Eva, depending on when you met me lol. I've been in Ordo for almost a Month now, and I'm mostly on Imp side of Tor, save when i'm working on my smuggler, but if i can help let me know And I'll do my best to come running ^_^
  11. Welcome to the community MalHavox! =)