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  1. wha...?
  2. What do you need to know about character creation to join the Ordo cartel?
  3. I don't usually get excited about anything other than MMO I'm currently playing, but I'm feeling the hype here. Who wants to put a PC copy on the member exchange? /wink
  4. Kavia nailed it. Ordo scheduled raids are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific. Many of us join PUG raids throughout the week. Glory (currency) farming is a thing, you know, how you do. Rumor has it some of us like the peeveepeez, too. Hop on TS to grab a guild invite.
  5. More leveling tips from Reddit: Leveling by Questing is NOT Slow How to Level Efficiently
  6. Don't do it, it's a trap. Disco telegraphs will ruin your brain.
  7. Thanks, Hoedown, this is a great place to start for those of us trying to deciper the new system. Other resources: Basic Rune List - Hoedown linked this above MWM's Basic Rune Introduction - Very basic introduction to the new system Conduction Tesla's DPS Optimal Runing Guide - Easy, class-specific suggestions Enigma's Character Rune Set Builder (CRSB) - Powerful tool, perhaps confusing Engima Class Guides - Updated guides contain rune advice and reasoning
  8. Some more leveling resources: Pictures: Leveling Zone Maps Discussion: Reddit: Efficient Leveling (tl;dr -- only do story quests (not tasks) 1-2 levels above your current level) Addon: EntSpy (or: Perspective)
  9. Update, September 2015: Strongly Recommended: LUI Aura - replaces AuraMastery; lighter footprint, clean interface, GA and DS events already loaded Vince Raid Frames - unit frames; exceptional performance and customization; used for raid assignments VortexMeter - replaces StrikeHardMeter Optional: Defrag - marks Logic boss telegraphs in Datascape Maelstrom Helper - make sure you go to the correct pillar in Datascape Not Now Master Loot - hides the master loot window during combat
  10. Mazel tov!
  11. One more plug for WildStar!
  12. Welcome. Please don't be shy about asking in guild chat for help with attunement steps.
  13. These reports of FPS gains are too enticing to ignore. Burning a DVD now.
  14. Away from my desktop today, which might be a blessing. You guys can tell me how terrible it is before I have a chance to install it. Win!
  15. The Kickstarter is over (funded!), but you can still contribute to development for rewards at launch and early (alpha, beta, etc.) access. Crowfall These guys regularly release information about ongoing development, including weekly updates and some amusing videos. This is one is good for a laugh.