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  1. Since GTA V now has a PC release date coming up i would like to throw this link out there again ; http://socialclub.ro...ordo_imperialis It's the Ordo group i made a long time ago for GTA V on consoles ( which never really took off) but i imagine several people will be picking this up for PC and would like to play under the Ordo flag so i figured it's time to dust off that old group again. Notable perks you get by joining this group : - An Ordo cross on your hood (nuff said) in addition to that: -You will automatically be matched with other Ordo players online -Ordo clothing -Ordo license plates -Extra experience & cash from every online activity -You will basically be the Batman -Clan vs Clan features All the cool people register on the rockstar social club and you are missing out on mad street swag and pimp opportunities if you don't join. By refusing to join this crew you hereby allow all the cool people to shoot rubber bands at you and steal your lunch money for the rest of your life ( unless you happen to be matched in the same server of hell with me after you die, in which case it's for eternity)
  2. Contact me inworld. I can rez out whatever you need.
  3. Nope, that name doesn't ring a bell, sorry.
  4. Oh look, it's the thunderjew. I am Kristian. I have been here longer than you so you are a noob. Just kidding, It's good to see you Tsume. I hope you will find something accomodating around here. I share your feelings; it's rather hard to adapt to this new group if you have spend the better part of a decade in SL-Ordo. The 2 carry the same name but are in no way the same and i think it's best to treat them as seperate clans rather than compare them to each other. They just cannot be compared.
  5. No one likes you, bugger off
  6. Keeping members is easy. Frumentarii handbook paragraph 7, section 13: Ways to ensure voluntary dedication and unquestionable loyalty to emperor: -Kidnap family members and relatives. In the situation that members resign you send them pieces of their loved ones untill they come back. Move from small bodyparts like a finger to larger bodyparts. A common noob mistake is to send the head first; you typically want to reserve that part as a last resort. This technique is very efficient and ensures instant love for the emperor. -Have your members commit crimes and use that as a leverage against them to remind them to remind them that we are their true friends. This works best if the member values his or her reputation -Lock them up untill they come to their senses ( warning;might take several years and may require character alterring treatment such as waterboarding) -With certain members it has proven to be succesfull to cut off their legs. This course of action is advised with every member who is suspected of planning to resign -Kill a puppy every day untill they re-enlist Never resort to the techniques listed above untill you've tried less serious alternatives such as putting a chopped off horse head in their bed at night. We are decent people you know.
  7. Just let me know how much you need. I will transfer all necesarry assets for trolling into your account
  8. Ah neat, maybe i will finally pick this up for PC then. Personally i liked BF3 more than BF4 because BF3 is less noob friendly ( i hate noob friendly... ). I think BF3 has an awesome multiplayer even if you don't have the DLC's. I even liked the orginal maps more than the DLC maps but that might be because i have been playing on Xbox and the DLC maps are way to large for the limited amount of people that can team up against each other on Xbox.
  9. Holy shit. That first one is of a quality that we would have used as a primary recruitment poster back in SL. My compliments, that looks insanely awesome. Someone go and slap that thing of the frontpage of our website....
  10. I find frank underwood the only redeeming factor here. For the rest: Hahahahahahahaha....no
  11. Oh, no...this guy
  12. Hello people, I have made the Ordo Imperialis as an active crew on the rockstar social club. This allows those of you who enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto V online to find each other and enjoy the benefits of playing as a crew. These include but are not limited to - 20% extra experience when playing with Crew Members, - Unique Crew Clothing - Having the ability to put the Ordo logo on your clothing and vehicles ingame - Getting the Ordo clan-tag next to your name in lobbies ( Ordo license plate) - And more when it gets released. Rockstar tends to automatically put your in lobbies with your friends or crew members and this is a neat feature for Ordo members to find each other. This crew has no obligatary intention, nor does it intent to become a full chapter. It's for people who want to play GTA together. You can join it right here: http://socialclub.ro...ordo_imperialis A rockstar social club account is required to join. This is highly recommended because a social club account comes with many extra's including free weapons, vehicles and abilities. Also note that being in this crew also gives you advantages when playing other rockstar games such as max payne 3 and red dead redemption. The crew is cross-platform for both Ps3, Xbox 360 and PC
  13. Inoue, you are one of the few legendary Ordo members. Those who have been here since the NOI-era and never ever failed in performing her duties to an excellent level. If you forget about scripting a gear-auth eating pissed off drone and Skynet who has threatened the average Ordo member more than any army of group of mindless orkz could and an experimental Astra fighter that shot skittles. Such constant, unwavering and flawless dedication has made you an unique officer. Uncorruptable and unbreakable. In times of turmoil and drama you were one of the people who you could always rely on. When we had to fear for others to succumb to the weight of stress, drama or personal fights and other things you were always one of the founding and strongest pillars of the Ordo. There is no Ordo without you and it's very comforting that no matter what happens, you are one of the few that would never be affected by anything. No one deserves the star more than you. Beter laat dan nooit.
  14. Ooooohhh is that what we were doing?! It all makes sense now. The armor, the guns and all the shooting. I thought we were doing LA south central RP
  15. Chances are approximatly 99.9% that you already know these sites but it's the best i got. 9gag.com ; general easy to consume entertainment. ( funny pictures) lfgcomic.com ; an online comic based on world of warcraft, they post new pages twice a week and it's pretty fun to read when you are bored