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    Game development, 3d printing, being a general pain-in-the-ass.
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  1. Trivia Crack -Reasonably entertaining with out taking up too much of your time; great game to play while waiting in line. Attack On Planet 9 -A strategic puzzler game made by yours truly,(it is an early alpha, but i would love feedback), available on the play store(for now) here Speedtest.net - My go-to network troubleshooting app. Acorns - a simple savings app, lets you save as you go easily.
  2. generally rpg or rts games, Tabletops, some mobile games... not a lot of time on my hands, but i play a smattering of everything. I am thinking of helping with some of your projects, and i have a few of my own that i wouldn't mind critiques on. More than anything @Xoza and i have known each other for ~15years and he thinks(for reasons that are beyond me) that i could be helpful here, so , i figured i would swing by... for those of you who may know, i went under the moniker of Prime Digital on secondlife years ago. (Takeshiro watanabe as well) i have been in and out of communities that intersect with ordo for quite a while.
  3. a brief introduction to time no wait, to me. I go by the handle of magnetomage. I am working on my BS in game art and design; I am a professional software engineer; when i am not at school(or work) i do hardware hacking, hobby rocketry and 3d printing for fun... and just because i hate sleep i have a side company that makes video games. my links page, and company website should give you a good idea on the brand of crazy that is me... (ianbaum.ninja, and tallshipstudio.com ) not sure what all else to say, bu feel free to shoot me a message if you are curious. -magnetomage
  4. Welcome to the community magnetomage! =)