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  1. Maybe I just can't find it, but why is there no Gloria Victis game forum?
  2. The member with the name starting with a V is Vadimer. He and Elmark have been incredibly patient and helpful. An excellent recruiting team for sure, as I had multiple guild offers, but those two seemed very genuine and interested in helping understand the game better.
  3. Hello Ordos, Thanks for having me. I was invited around Christmas by Elmark and another fellow whose name escapes me (things have been busy with the holidays). It starts with a V. I started playing Gloria Victis about two weeks ago and my first week I was completely lost. it was only after engaging some people on the server, including Ordo members that a lot of thing became clear and the game became much more enjoyable. Thank you all. I have played UO, SWTOR, DaOC, WAR. I mostly enjoy exploring these new worlds and crafting. I used to love PVP in UO, and Gloria Victis seems to have similar rules in place where you can loot the body after a kill. That part had great appeal for me, as there should be a death penalty. I am over 40 years old and am a grown up. I have a family so my time is limited in the evenings and weekends, especially the early evenings. I will try to be a responsible and effective member. Again, thanks for having me. W/R BoboKhan