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  1. Hey All, Looking to join the Wildstar chapter of The Ordo Imperialis. Would like to get back into the game with an active guild. Honestly, not sure what my raid plans are. My main (Spellslinger) is only 43 atm. So not going to raid immediately anyway. I am a pretty independent player. In guilds, I generally give help to other players much more than I ask for it. Once I get my feet wet, and am comfortable with the game I am definitely intrigued by things like warplots or possibly raid. I have raided in the past but, in any game, I haven't been a full time raider since Wrath of the Lich King in WoW. I would possibly like to get back into it, not absolutely sure yet. Would like a fun, social guild to hang out with though and just shoot the breeze and talk about Wildstar and other fun things. Thanks. Scorpio Hawke.