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  • Birthday 05/31/1986
  1. In reply to Odin: 7 days to die, Arma 3, Block N Load, Broforce, Command and conquer 4, starcraft 2, company of heroes, Don't Starve together, Empyrion, Final Fantasy XIV (Current sub), The forest, Grand theft auto v, H1Z1, killing floor 2, left 4 dead 2, Life is Feudal, The long dark, Men of war: assault squad, Miscreated, payday 2, Reign of Kings, DayZ (Mod and standalone), Rust, The Secret World, Space engineers, Squad, Ark, Guild Wars 2, Boarderlands 2 and Wildstar.
  2. - The name you wish to be known by: Jordan Andrews - Your steam profile information. : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198140795509 - Birthday: May 31, 1986 - Looking to join a mature, friendly, competitive fun community. - How you intend to partake or contribute to the team where best to communicate: Help others with expert knowledge of games, provide refrence materials and assist incoming new players to specific games. -I have read and understand the community codex and agree with all there within. Link to FA account: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lonelyfoxatheart/ PSN Account: artistictexan Skype: Artistictexan To keep it short and sweet i am friendly, laid back, patient, understanding. Someone with a great sense (yet odd) of humor. I am a fan of survival, shooter, rpg and sandbox games. Dabbled a little in MOABS but not too much of a player of that particular game type. I love anime, Doctor Who, and airplanes. Like this