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Dread Lord Nalzarion

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  1. Just checking to see how everyone is doing
  2. So what's everyone doing for Christmas the holidays?
  3. Is this game worth getting back into?
  4. I did, its on introductions
  5. Sorry I have not been posting work has been kicking my ass and if this is not in right place I apologize
  6. Greetings everyone, It me Nalzarion Just saying hello to everyone I was known as a "dread lord" in my old guild. I do PvE, RP, and sometimes PvP I look forward to spreading Fear, Dread, and Terror across the galaxy. See you in game! Looking forward to chatting with all of you in TS and running more group content. If you want me info on me leave a comment or private message me on here or in game Dread Lord Nalzarion