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  1. Sooo... I forgot to do this last night, but here's my intro! My name is Kita, and I'm a game-o-holic. (Hi, Kita.) While I've tried nearly every MMO under the sun, my "home" game is FFXIV. I've been playing consistently since alpha/beta of 2.0 with a few months scattered over the years for breaks. I have raiding experience ending with Coil, and wouldn't be opposed to trying raiding again with the right group. I main SCH/AST, and secondary as MNK (but I prefer healing.) I try to be helpful and available to FC-mates, so please feel free to drag me along on any adventures! While I have all Gatherers to 60, and many Crafters to 60, don't ask me to do any high level crafting or gathering. >_> I just like having everything max level because the whole Classes tab turns orange. <3 I'm a rather chatty individual, so if you guys have any questions, or just want to talk, shoot! :) While I do prefer Discord, I'm also available on TS3. (Though since Knight and I often Skype, I may or may not be muted. But a quick message in-game will almost always get me!)