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  1. Thank you! And no no one has sent me an invite to the Guild Im currentlly logging on at the moment my Guildwars2 account is Marrik.2618
  2. Salutations members of Ordo Im Marina and Ive been gaming for a very long time. Im mostly into Fps and MMORPG games. my current main game to play at the moment is Guild Wars 2. I play along side a group of friends at the current time. Ive been playing GW2 since beta and before that i played the first GW. If allowed to join this community I plan to have fun and aid others in GW2 whether it be grinding or helping in personal missions or guild missions. for Communication I use Discord now a days for the most part. So you can catch me there if you want to talk to me. My reason for wanting to join is quite simple. To join a group of active gamers to play with and have fun. I have read and understood the codex and will follow all rules set forth by it. PS: My good friend Salem Adams Kusanaga pointed me in the direction of this group. Discord:Dominus#4917 GuildWars2:Marrik.2618