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  1. Currently Ares Ravenwing (Until I decide if I am going to use a fantasia :P ) just joined the FC, haven't been playing very long and took a break before Stormblood released but I returned. My actual name is Taylor, people in gaming communities call me Rider as generally that is the theme my characters have but either or works for me. I joined this FC looking for a more active and friendly group of players, the recruitment post caught my attention and it seemed like a mature clan. I started playing MMOs at 13 (Guild Wars) now I am 24, generally I pick up on things quickly (although FF14 is not an ordinary MMO :P ) I prefer tanking over DPSing and to be honest I have not tried healing in this game as of yet, it seems a little daunting to me, don't really know why. Since I already have Discord downloaded I guess Discord is my go to choice for communication, however if something happens or if I need to switch to Teamspeak I am alright with that as well. I did read over the codex and it seems all fair.