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  1. Hi there, I'm U'narhi Zhiku. I'm a random healer that Fix found in a dungeon one day and after I killed him three times was like OH HEY COME TO DISCORD AND I'LL BE YOUR TANK BUDDY. So now he's stuck with having me around. Aldo said I'm supposed to come here and say hi and stuff. I also thought it was purple first, just for the record. I've been gaming in MMOs since 2004, raiding on and off since 2008. Currently however I've been living the casual RP/pug life as my school schedule doesn't typically allow for a stringent raiding schedule. I'm happy to hop in as a rep when people need one, I do still try to research the fights and pug them from time to time, just not as hard core as I would if I were an actual static raider. My favorite class right now is AST and I rp as a ninja. And uhhhh *confetti cannon and disappears* yeah...who needs smoke bombs.