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Jayce Iredell

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  1. Miss you guys, wish I could game out with you all.

  2. Arty!¡ :D
  3. Jayce Iredell here, for those that know me, how ya been? I am checking the forums these days and despite my sadness we left SL it was necesary. In the meantime if anyone is interested I am on XBoxlive my tag is Ballistic Dummy. When or if I get a computer I will try coming back to do some gaming with you all, time permitting.
  4. D:< you had better hide.
  5. Hey Yoko, how you doing? >:)
  6. Yeah, but Planetside 2 probably doesn't have the Roleplay aspect or custom gear, to be honest thats why I was in Ordo, for the friendship and RP, was and still am not good at the shooty pewpew stuff. :( I know I should not complain, I am not likely to be back gaming anytime soon, much to my chagrin.
  7. So no SL though? Man never thought I would see that day, ouch.
  8. Do you guys still do any stuff on Second Life?
  9. I don't suppose anyone would remeber me after all this time, but I thought I would check in, it looks like you are all very busy and that the group has moved well beyond if not left Secondlife behind entirely. I just wanted to say hello and let people know I am not dead, I miss you all, if I had stayed around I would be celebrating seven years right along with you guys, I was there for most of it, but life has a way of intervening. Many well wishes, and yes I really do miss everyone. Jayce, the other other fox. (Firefox was the first fox.)
  10. The ending was terrible, enough said, whether or not there was going to be a Mass Effect 4, they could have ended 3 in a far better way.
  11. I'll just leave this here...
  12. Castro already stepped down from leadership due to his health anyways, there is always a bigger fish and someone will replace the previous guy.
  13. BALRSTS - baller status
  14. GENPPR is available. <3