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  1. Name: Dano Interest in Ordo Imperialis: I have 2 real-world friends (Essleya & Trinket) in the guild that I look forward to campaigning with as well as meeting new individuals to progress with. I have been playing SWTOR since Beta and have played several other mmo's over the years. I am interested in all things end-game and am always looking for a new challenge, game, or situation to face. Contribution: I currently have a sorc and merc healer as well as a sin tank that I have experience raiding SM and HM with. I am primarily a healer but can tank as needed. I will admit I am not an expert at op strat and have much to learn about both my class and the high-end ops; but I hold my own and am very trainable. My goal is to be one of the front-line, go-to healers in the guild and participate in guild ops and events. I also enjoy leveling alts (both imp and pub) and PvP'ing Communication: I have Discord and TS I have read the Codex and understand its contents Thank you for considering me for Ordo and I look forward to campaigning with you! Sidenote: I have clicked on the link to the application but keep receiving an error. Please advise.
  2. Hey Omega. Nice to meet you and thank you for bringing me in. Avatar is set. Is there anything else I need to do at this time?