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Gunau Sodwind

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  1. cry me a river furry

  2. Those of you who are playing Eve online and are A)without a corp or B) just tired of yours etc, add Gunau. Cheeso and i were thinking of creating a corporation just for the hell of it. it'd be mostly ordo depending on how many people still play and who are interested. Don't fucking expect a POS or free shit yet, we're here to have fun and pal around 8D
  3. he'll be back once he stops being all sad about his SL boyfriend or what ever reason he left. Well...he'll probably join the VG or chaos first, then come back. Furries have a habit of doing this sort of thing. I mean lets face it, being in the ordo isn't that stressful, unless you're menstruating , then i can imagine it sucks.
  4. hahahahahahahaha i love all of you superflously and intraveniously . Also, it's Sgt Major Awsome, if you must call me something GUARDSMAN SERA
  5. <3
  6. Eve

    some Ati 4890 HD thing with 1 gig of some gdr5 or someshit ram.
  7. Eve

    So it turns out that my new supar graphics card hates SL and makes weird shit happen. So i sorta got back into Eve. i know some of you play it...soo...ADD ME the name is "gunau" duh.
  8. So, in case any of you were worried, wondering, or what not (3 W's), my graphics card died on my massive computer machine. I just bought a janky new one and i like homg. I hope all you furries are doing well. Don't be dramatic about anything ever because life's too short for that sort of shit. Also, i miss my children dearly. -Gunau "The sodomizor" sodwind
  9. giant SIGNATURES?! WHAT
  10. lets just use Furry E-1s. I imagine we could shove the weapon up behind the spine and pop it through the neck
  11. Real life is better in every why. See also, THE GAME (which you all just lost btw)
  12. JUST TRY TO DISARM ME. YOU'LL NEED AN ENTIRE ARMY...oh wait you have one.
  13. Apparently the majority of the Ordo has not heard, but i was retired. This act does show, that even the allmighty God (me) is not immune to the wrath of the Imperator. I will be staying around titan because i cant' bear to not see you weirdos ever again. I own one pair of civilian clothes since the past 2 years of my SLife has been spend being a mandalorian or in the Ordo. I will probably be helping rei write an OIC manual and other things since i literally have nothing else to do in SL. Feel free to say hi when i'm on sim, but God (me) help you if you ask me to disarm. Anyway, questions? P.S. Don't leave sappy bullshit on here P.P.S. Who ever gets command over my cohor better not fuck up invictus or i'll kill you. Centurian Sodmizer (Retired) P.P.P.S. I will be starting a tennis and golf club for us older retirees and any of you young wippersnappers who wants in.