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  1. I think it's neat that Amazon spent a billion dollars so people can watch other people play video games more better.
  2. Son, that's gumbo
  3. I too am very old.
  4. It's good and cool to see so many old guard faces in here expressing fond memories of their time in the Ordo.
  5. Glad to be here.
  6. Yeah, nevermind.
  7. Wow, nice to hear from you again too. How's things? Good?
  8. hi my naem razor and i seen some shit
  9. I will spend the rest of my life ruining Aryte's birthday parties.
  11. HUH.
  12. The Xbox One *badum tish*
  13. I have a Nintendo DS with an R4 cartridge and a whole schload of pirated games.
  14. Do people actually use Bitcoins to buy anything besides drugs?
  15. All my guns are cheap CYMA TM clones because wtf is money idk
  16. Is that AK-74 up top a Marui, or the CYMA clone thereof?
  17. nvm
  18. There was a Tails flying around and I presume it was the same guy because he was wearing the exact same shitty primmy rave pants and headphones as Sonic and Knuckles. They all had guns too for some reason.
  19. TALES FROM ZRAZOR'S NEWFOUND SECOND LIFE AS A CIVILIAN. OVERHEARD: [23:47] Knuckles The Echidna (knucklestheechidna069): My bad. [23:47] KnucklesTheEchidna069 Resident: My bad. [23:47] Knuckles The Echidna (knucklestheechidna069): I was hungry. [23:47] Sonic The Hedgehog (sonicthehedgehog021): Lol. [23:47] experi565 Avril: ~ Rawrrrr~ [23:49] Sonic The Hedgehog (sonicthehedgehog021): Ya know, this place isn't so bad. [23:49] Knuckles The Echidna (knucklestheechidna069): Nah. [23:50] Sonic The Hedgehog (sonicthehedgehog021): I think. [23:50] Sonic The Hedgehog (sonicthehedgehog021): It's time for me to make my move. [23:50] Sonic The Hedgehog (sonicthehedgehog021): Good luck bro. In a world...where one man...and two alts...can perform Sonic the Hedgehog street theater...in a furry club...and mix up the alts...and Ffff up the lines. This summer.
  20. Reddit is just a smug version of 4chan.
  21. Godaddy is the worst D:
  22. With so much drama in the NJC It's hard to be Z-R-A-Z
  23. Didn't we invade one of those once?
  24. We may not have brought the war, but we did win it.
  25. In name and aesthetic only. In practice, Vanguard's internal politics ran less like a fascist empire and more like a high school.